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Xbox Live!

Does anyone here have it? I’ve had it for awhile but just recently started playing more. More and more games are coming out for it. If you’ve got it post your gamer tag here, I’m Dood A Plenti


Make sure to pick up Counter Strike in the next week or so and we’ll have to start a TClan!

It’s been a while since I’ve played, used to be big on Ghost Recon, Mech Assault, but haven’t done much else. Was also thinking of picking up Rainbow Six, the realtime voice communication makes games like those that much better! Happy hunting!

Yea man, I’ve had Xblive since April but there was nothing to play. I rented Mech Assault which is cool, I noticed its only like 12 bucks on ebay so I’ll probalby buy it. I’ve been playing Crimson Skies lately, very good live game, and yea, alot of my friends are getting counter strike so I’ll be renting it.