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Xbox 360 Theft Protection?


im moving into a new apartment with a new roommate who has friends i dont know. The system will be in my room but id like to be able to lock it up. Ive always found better safe than sorry. does anyone know of ways to physically protect your system from theft. I cant seem to find any special cable locks or anything.


disguise it as a Sega Genesis


buy a gun


3 step process: step 1, lift weights. step 2, eat a lot of food. step 3, act crazy from time to time.

problem solved.


HAHAHA that seriously made my day. And it just started, its 1 in the morning. So good job man.


hahahaha agreed


Do what my friend used to do: From time to time, just kick the door down yelling and screaming, "WHAT MOTHERFUCKER!!". Sort of goes along with what daneq said. If they think your batshit crazy, chances are if they steal it,they'll expect your room mate to end up dead.

Or you could always set up a time lapse camera for the first couple of weeks. If anything happens, rip your room mates dick off.


just shoot one of his friends, the remaining ones wont fuck with you then


Sneek into your room mates room in the middle of the night with a pig mask on, use his sheets to tie him to the bed while he sleeps then jump on top of him and hold a knife to his throat while screaming something about being a demon that lives in his closet. Then run out of the room leaving him tied to the bed, wait until he starts screaming, change clothes to what ever you normally sleep in and come in all concerned and untie him. Do this for a week or two periodically.

Don't know if it'll keep his friends for stealing your Xbox but it'd sure fuck his head up.
Let me know how this turns out.


Lol, how will that stop his friends from stealing his xbox?


at this point i would really not worry. Write down the serial number and take a pic and store on a thumb drive. get renters insurance, and relax.

who would steal an xbox at this point that doesnt already own one?


I don't know, I doubt it would but it'd sure drive him crazy.


thanks for the usable advice hahaha...although the pig mask idea would be great sometime around Halloween


if your that paranoid why not put it in an enclosure and then bolt that to ur desk or dresser or whatever


Hey brah just walk around your apartment naked yelling "you touch my shit and I'll teabag you!!"


Wipe shit all over it. I wouldn't touch anything covered in shit.