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XBox 360 Red Lights of Death

My console today has just experienced the 3 red lights of death indicating a console hardware problem.

Microsoft’s customer service department seemed on top of it though as they will be sending out a prepaid delivery box for the console for a free repair. Plus I’ll get one month of XBox Live free due to my troubles.

I’m gonna miss playing Gears of War for a few days though. I’ve gotten into a real good routine of an hour a play at night (too much more and the wife gets mad at me!) and looked forward to that measily hour.

Achievement: UNLOCKED!

[quote]Applesauce wrote:
Achievement: UNLOCKED![/quote]


[quote]buffd_samurai wrote:
Applesauce wrote:
Achievement: UNLOCKED!


hahaha i didnt quite get that myself…but yea that sucks, ive been playing Rainbow Six Vegas, cant get enough of that game!! play it for about an hour a day after i get back from the gym and relax a bit afteer a nice big meal and a shower…sippin on some protein, its the way to go haha good luck with ur future 360!