Xbox 360 Owners: Get the Elite?

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I think I’ve settled on getting a 360 over the PS3. Just too many good exclusive games on the 360, although when God Of War III gets released I’ll probably have to get a PS3 at that point. :slight_smile:

Anyway…should I get the Elite 360? Besides the bigger hard drive, is it the only model to currently have the Falcon chip? I heard they have a much lower failure rate.

Also, I understand the Elite has a built in HDMI port, and perhaps has sharper graphics on a hi-def TV like the one I have?

Or…am I full of it…misled…and I’d be perfectly happy with the next model down for only $349?

I already have a nice DVR, so I have no need to record TV on my Xbox.

Thanks for any input.

i dont think you would be missing anything by downsizing. not sure what type of gamer you are but i really never use my hard drive for anything besdies saving new maps and other standard stuff.

i dont think there is a noticiable difference in graphics to justify paying more either…

Thanks. Any other input? Or are all the video game fanatics off to the movie theaters seeing Iron Man? :slight_smile:

Which reminds me, I’m taking the wife to see that movie tonight.

I’m quite happily running in 1080i, although the tv will run in 1080p, it seems like a crazy waste of money to buy a new 360 just for that.

I believe all 360s now come with an HDMI port and the new chipset. The only real difference is the size of the hard drive and the color. white/20gig vs black/120gig.

I heard 360’s will be getting blue-ray in september.

Maybe something to think about.

Not worth it.

If your 360 shits out just send it back, they’ll repair it for 100 bucks and give you another year of warrenty.

Play it as hard as you want with a 100 dollar upkeep fee, that’s my feelings on it anyway.

[quote]bmitch wrote:
Stuntman Mike wrote:
I heard 360’s will be getting blue-ray in september.

Maybe something to think about.

Where did you hear that?[/quote]