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Xbox 360 or PS3?


what do you guys think? PS3 or xbox 360 now?
considering the new 40 g ps3 for 399 its more of a fair comparison.

I just got a HD tv and want the full gaming experience! THe idea of blue RAY is nice as well as wireless internet is a plus. I think in the long RUN ps3 will out perform xbox 360 which I think has peaked!

but XBOX gets 1080, while ps3 is 720 pi.

what do you think?


Get the WII.

I got the 360. Mine is out of service right now because it was one of the first ones that came out. I have no complaints about it and I think the games are great. Gears of War, Call of Duty, HALO! But i'm a big shooter type of guy. I think the 360 is cheaper so if i was you I would go with the 360.


What type of games do you prefer?

If you like Multiplayer Shooters, it's hard to beat the 360 lineup of Xbox Live with Halo 3, Gears of War, Team Fortress 2, and the various Tom Clancy games.

If you like RPGs, the Playstation tends to have the best.

If you like sports or racing, the established infrastructure of Xbox Live is hard to beat.

Don't underestimate the Wii. It has a novel control scheme with some inspired games, which makes up for its lack of graphical punch.

I'd say focus less on the nuts and bolts of the machine specs, and more on what you enjoy.


Watch out with the PS3 if you get the wrong one you can't play ps2 games on it and you get some different features depending on which one you get. Do some research. I have a 360 and the exclusive games we have far outweigh the need for a ps3.


I've got a 360 and I really like the system, and this is coming from someone who owned a PS and PS2.

In terms of games, it seems that the 360 has better first-person shooter games, while PS3 is the place for role-playing and action/adventure titles. Sports titles are non-exclusive, so no difference there excpet maybe in framerate and graphics.

The reason I went with a 360 is it was more affordable at the time (this was before the PS3 dropped its price), but I definitely have no regrets.


thanks for the replies, I think I like the quality of the blue ray player on the ps3. I just cant stand the xbox controler.

I think that the ps3 should achieve some great games in the next 2 years, and close the gap a bit.

I dont love hao that much, and I am looking forward to call of duty four, and madden 08 which are on both systems. so taht being said the blue ray makes the difference.


Sounds like you're making a good decision, based off what your preferences are.

I will say that as someone who used to love the PS2 controller, I think the 360 controller is the best one out there. I wasn't sure if I'd like it or not at first, but to me it's much more responsive than the PS controller.


This holiday it's all about the Wii60; buy a Wii and a 360.

None of the exclusives for PS3 are must-haves, and a lot of the games for the PC (Mass Effect, Bioshock, UT3) are coming out for the 360. Plus the Wii is the ULTIMATE thing to bring out at parties (chicks dig it). So;

Wii60 has great games, will make you life of party and may get you pussy.

PS3 has few good games, not good at parties and will condemn to a life of loneliness.


Also before you run out and buy madden. It runs at half the speed on the ps3 and has around a 1 second delay on all the moves.


Are you sure about that?


He's right, Madden does run at 30 FPS on the PS3.


what does it run on xbox?
how does call of duty 4 run?


Don't forget that you have to pay for XBox online play. Sony's is free (I think).


I haven't played a PS3, but the xbox seems to be the platform of choice for game developers at this point.


Although the price drop makes things a bit closer, I'd still pick the 360. The bottom line is you just cant beat XBL. Really. People buying a ps3 speculating that at some point theres gonna be "all this great stuff" are still waiting for it, while they play games the 360 had a year ago and the rest of the world is on xbox live having a blast. Here's a re enactment of a conversation I had with a buddy of mine who has a ps3, about a month ago, no lie.

my boy:
"broseph did you play rainbow six vegas??"

"yeah great game"

"omg so crazy I just got it im stuck at this part blah blah blah"

"yeah that sucked, its easier when you have people playing co op"

"co op?"

"yeah co op you host a game on xbox live grab a few friends and flashbang the shit out of people go crazy blah blah, oh thats right you have the ps3..."

"yeah i tried to hook something up but nobody was online and how do I communicate with no headset blah blah.."


My former roommate had the 360, and a friend of ours got a PS3 as soon as it came out. A year later he is still disappointed in the games for the PS3, and wants a 360. In fact I don't think he has bought a game for the PS3 yet, just plays through gamefly and gets tired of them pretty quickly.

Xbox Live is pretty awesome. If you have a wireless network in your house they have a program for the Xbox that lets you link up to your computer and you can play TV shows and movies from your computer harddrive on your TV.


Madden is 60 FPS on the 360 (it was 30 for the 07 version). Not sure on COD 4.


cod 4 is the same for both systems with lighting and textures being slightly better on ps3.


Get the WII first post the CORRECT answer. Their are so many good games for it and many amazing games to come like super smash brawl to name one. Its VERY fun to play and CHEAP.


thanks for the heads up on madden, that defenitely takes a blow to the ps3. I have to re think my decision.