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Xbox 360 or PS3


From what I've read before, there are some people on this forum who know way more about computer gaming systems than I probably even want to know. If I was to describe myself, I would say I am a very casual gamer who might buy a new game if the graphics look cool enough but who really only plays on the weekends when I have free time. Regardless of this, the two new systems about to take over the market have me wondering which is worth putting the money down for.

Up to this point, I have had Playstation games. I got back into video games when Tomb Raider came out and only really fell into it when GTA San Andreas hit the shelves.

The new Xbox is coming in priced around 600 bucks for a system and two games. Does this do anything else other than play games? I am expecting random blow jobs and cleaning my apartment for this much. Is this worth the cash, should I wait for the PS3, or am I wasting my time even considering buying either of the systems?


I hear the PS3 isn't coming out for another year? Why such the long wait? I'd say go with the 360, the graphics I have seen look pretty spiffy.


360 should be able to become a home entertainment centre like the original. The only problem is that you'll have to wait a couple months for the tech geeks to figure it all out, and then Mod/install the software.

Then again, maybe XBOX realized the potential in a home media centre and has legal upgrades already...


i never was a very big fan of the xbox, so im stickin with Sony. and from what i understand, the graphics for the PS3 are going to put the xbox360 to shame. have any of you guys seen the trailer for MGS4? it is UNREAL!


Hey Prof X,

I currently own both a PS2 and XBOX and consider myself a casual gamer as well. I like having both systems as to be able keep my options open when exclusive games come out for each system or pick the version of the same game that has better graphics or playability. However, this time I don?t think I?m going to buy both of the new systems right away.

Here?s a link I found with specs for the XBOX 360:


My advice is to wait for both systems to be out for a while. In all my years of gaming, I've noticed that you should always wait a few months for the systems and see what kind of games come out for each. Give it some time to determine which one is the leader and you can base your decision on that. Also, the price always seems to drop after it's been out for a while. This is what I?m going to do this time around.

For what it?s worth, I do tend to use my XBOX much more than my PS2. The blowjobs from my current XBOX aren't that great though. It tends to chafe. :wink:


This is not an answer to your question at all, but I'm really interested in the Nintendo Revolution. You pretty much know what you're going to get with Xbox360 and PS3, but with the new controller for the Revolution it could be really good or really, really shitty.


No need to wait for both systems based on game support. BOTH system will be heavily supported once again. The video game industry makes billions in revenue and the trend has not faded. Now, when the Xbox originally came out, the speculation was whether is was going to have the game base. It has proven itself. It's a matter of preference. Graphics will be the same but I believe you'll get the most out of your 360.

Microsoft seems to devote a lot of support to the xbox and will continue to do so. I never liked the PS2. The controls are small. Good luck! Let us know how it pans out.


I own both the xbox and Ps2. except for a few games, its my opinion the xbox is more fun in general than ps2. I dont know if this will translate to the next gen systems, but just based on the originals, Id have to go with xbox360. just my opinion


I'd seriously wait on the xbox 360. The price is insane because its offered with games. I would wait a couple months and then decide.

P.S. When PS3 and the new nintendo come up, xbox is going to get its ass kicked (graphically speaking)


Nintendo revolutions controller looks very cool. Its like a tv remote but you can tilt it side to side and move it. Kinda strange without as many buttons, but I watched a clip of a kid playing a game with a sword fight and he was swinging the remote around like a sword! Pretty sweet!


I say wait. I have an xbox. I like to stay behind a few years behind the games. That way I can buy them for cheap (used). Also, I can see what those that are constantly foaming at the mouth for new stuff make their evaluations.



I personally will always be a computer gamer, much faster paced game play, better graphics, more options, but if you're into sports games, then I can see why, but both the games you mentioned are available on the PC and any 3rd or 1st person shooter on the PC is going to be much more intense than a console for the very reason that with a mouse you can whip around, aim and shoot in the blink of an eye, while console controles are generelly made for slower paced games, sports games, platforms, etc.


And now here's an answer from somebody who's not a fanboy for any system.....

The 360 is worth it for the premium. When the PS3 drops its likely to be priced at $500 for the console itself. They are packing an aweful lot into it and the price is going to be high. Graphically speaking there MAY be a SLIGHT difference between the 360 and PS3. But the 360's graphics card is an absolute beast. As for waiting.....the PS3 may not drop here until Xmas of next year and could go as far out as holiday '07.

If you like to game online or would like to then the 360 wins hands down. Sony will no create an infrastructure like Xbox Live, quoted from Sony's pres. Live is a gem and brought me back into video games. If I couldnt play online I wouldnt play anymore.

The Revolution from Nintendo.....Its a glorified emulator. It can play all of the old games which is a great idea but its architecture is leagues below the 360 and PS3 as of right now. The game will look good but nothing in the rhelm of the 360 or PS3.


id wait and see what game titles appear available on each one. No point getting one if san GTA or some other game with drugs and pimps in isnt available for that model?



The 360 will come with a wireless network card so if you have high speed internet, you can just get a wireless router and hook the 360 up in any room in the house without dealing with additional lines etc. I'm not sure if PS3 will have this capability or not, but in my opinion, it's a pretty neat thing to have.

Generally speaking from a game type, the xbox was really weak for roleplaying games. I am a big geek and love my dungeons & dragons and final fantasys so I ended up getting both systems. I also probably wont wait for the PS3 but I will wait for the 360 to be out a few months before I buy one. Once it has been out to market, the will make mods to the newer ones that they have found problems with the first batch.



I own both the Xbox and PS2 as well and can say that the current Xbox IMO is a lot better than PS2. Better graphics and simulation. There just seems to be more detail in the games for Xbox. Not sure how the 2 new generation game consoles will be.


Veg its wireless ready (so is every computer) not enabled. You still have to buy the wireless adapter. Its $100 but you can buy 3rd party ones for under $75. Also if someone plans to play online be hard wired to your router. Wireless can cause too many hiccups.


I am a XBox owner and definitely plan on getting the 360 for a lot of the reasons everyoen described above. In terms of V's point here, the original XBox was a little too light on RPGs (although it did have KOTOR, Morrowind, Fable). Fortunately, the group that developed Final Fantasy was hired away to do some exclusive XBox stuff and the new Elder Scrolls: Oblivion will be 360 only (with some of the most amazing in-game graphics I have seen to date).

More than anything else, both systems will be pretty kick ass and the key will be whether people will design great games for them or not. Personally, I worry that there will be too much focus on making things look amazing to the detriment of gameplay and... God forbid... fun.


Almost forgot. The one other thing I would say is that if you plan on playing any on-line gaming, the XBox Live system as a whole was very well done. I think the jury is still very much out on what Sony will do as an answer to this. If you plan on playing any games on-line, I think the 360 gets the nod.


I think with the sony they have developed a newer type of DVD called blue ray that can hold at lot more on a disk than the current DVD. This will make the picture and sound unreal good from what I have read.

I personally am going to wait on the PS3, but i had a PS2 and loved it from the start. I mostly play sports games, and don't like the controller for the XBOX as much. Hate the triggers. But you you are into shooters the triggers are good I suppose.

Either way I won't be buying one anytime soon. I waited about 18 months before I got my PS2 and paid 200 instead of the 300 it cost when it first came out.