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Xbox 360 Online for Free?

Ok, I can’t remember in what subject line I saw it in and have had no luck in searching for it. So, I was wondering if anyone had the link on how to play xbox 360 online for free.

I once had this for close to a year; a website listed a bunch of sign-up coupon codes with up to 1600 months of service. I changed my ISP, and the code was non-functional.

I believe I Google’d “1600 months XBox trial” but I’m not sure.

There is also XLink Kai, which is a unofficial network that lets many types on consoles connect and play together (by console type; you can’t play cross-console).

They support 44 games for the 360. It’s independent from Xbox Live, so your friends will have to set themselves up on it too if you want to play with them. I used it with the old Xbox; works pretty well. Requires a PC to do the interfacing.