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Xanex/Somas While on Test


I suffer from major insomnia , and it really takes a toll on my training.l So I take 1mg xanaxs or a soma or a combination of two and get awesome rest..10 hours or so. If there is anyone knowledgable on these substances, will you please let me know if using them while on a gram of test is a bad idea.

is it counter productive in any way? Im getting my rest, I feel strong as fck at the gym, but on a molecular level is it working against me in any way? Bill any input? anyone?

input much appreciated.

somas being a muscle relaxer, is it hurting my performance. I tried doing a research, but very little info out there on AAS combined with these substances. Not to mention I can go to sleep like on a switch of a button given my ridicilously irregulr hours at work.

Bodybuilding is a full time job, holding an actual job is challenging.

thanks in advane.



I use cyclobenzaprine for muscle tension -- it works in the same manner as Soma -- and don't find any problem in using it along with a steroid cycle. Pharmacologically there would be no reason why a problem would be expected. I think it's a perfectly okay thing to do.

I had some concerns when I started using cyclobenzaprine that it might interfere with lifting performance but didn't find that to be the case at all for me.

I don't have personal experience with Xanax, but again pharmacologically I don't think there would be a contraindication.


Just be cautious Xanax is not something that should be used regularly long term.

very strong drug, withdraw is quite dangerous, many people ruin themselves with it, and its takes a very long time to come off of completely.

2mg is not considered a very dangerous dosage, but just know its not a toy.

I use about 2 mg when I go out, then drink one or two beers and have quite the buzz. But I try not to make a habit of it, and am fairly careful.

Using it every night for sleep could lead to dependance very quickly.

Benydryll and perhaps even a little weed might be a much safer alternative.


BIll thank you for medical point of view. West, I know all too well about withdrawals lol, Ive learned to use xanex over the years in a manner to where I dont get dependant, and if I feel like Im getting to that point I wein off very slowly. Its serious shit, shakes, cold/hot, extreme cases seizures, also it makes you foggy in the head if you take too much. 1mg has been doing the job, and even with low dose I take breaks.
Benadryl does absolute nothing for me but make my legs twitch haha, Doxylamin succinate works better, but leaves you feeling hungover kinda.

Anyway I'm just glad none of this will interffre with trainng. By the time I hit the gym soma and xanex wears off and on a gram test a week I'm feeling pretty much superhuman.

I was just worried about somas and muscle growth. Thanks Bill.


I don't know much about xanax or anythhing other than they're pretty addictive, etc... but it sounds like you've had some crappy experiences with withdrawal.

You're in CA, why not just go get a medical marijuana card? Legal, safe(r than xanax), and you'll get a good nights sleep with no hangover/grogginess i nthe morning.

Just sayin.



because xanax doesn't show on a 5 panel drug test lol. Id love MJ, it would do wonders for my appetite too.


I personally use trazodone off-label as a sleep aid. 50-100 mg right before bedtime works wonders. Not addictive, very safe, very inexpensive, and no grogginess in the morning. Need a doc's script, however.


thanks I'll consider that as well. wish I had a doc locally thats into the sport. last time they put me on Ambien, it didn't put me out, I just hallucinated on it. Saw shit running across the floor and such. Does Trazodone have any effect on you such as Ambien did on myself?



Check out "Herbal Incense." No bullshit it's legal weed and just like the real thing but won't show up on piss tests. They sell it at gas stations in Jersey, don't know about Cali.


Thats K2. It causes vision problems and the rough equivalent of brain damage.

Its nothing like weed besides a similar buzz.

Weed has been used for god knows how long, is incredibly effective, and has few risks besides perhaps causing some plaques that can limit brain function long term, but that may simply due to lack of heavy thinking while high, the plaque can be prevented by using your brain regularly, similar to how people who dont think much seem to get Alzheimers easier...but still is much safer than alcohol in that regard.

Xanax is a beautiful drug, one of my favorites and one that I use atleast a few times a month.

As far as I have observed, no affects on muscle built, if anything it significantly enhances recovery with great sleep.


I agree on xanax with you man, but take a little too much and it makes you like a zombie the next day, all foggy.


not to promote illegal drug use, but.... gave you tried ghb for sleep?
i doesn't leave you like a zombie next day


illegal drug use on a controlled substance forum...naaaaah lol

no I haven't, I've been hearing about it from my dummie party friends, but personally haven't tried it due to a lack of social life between work, 10-12 hours sleep, gym, food, and more gym :X

What is it? what chemical compound, what are its effects, bad side effects? To my understanding it replacing excstasy amongst raver kids as a drug of choice.


the simplest explanation is it's like alcohol without the sides, so if you know the feeling of xanax this should be pretty close to you
where the exctasy connection came i have no idea
as an added bonus it automatically wakes you up after about 5h

all in all it's the best sleep aid i have found (i have huge insomnia problems), but using it too often will put you at risk for addiction (just like xanax)

pharmacologically it binds to the ghb receptor and to the gabab receptor


Im either thinking of a different compound or thats the one, they reffer to it as "G" and no one can tell me exactly what it is haha. According to one of these kids a water cap full of "G" (very small ammount) will knock you out, in some cases causes vomiting just like alcohol poisoning. I'll just lower my xanax dose and hopefully wont need 2 monster drinks in the morning.


your talking the exact same compound, but drinking stuff from caps marked G is a recepie for disaster and one of the reasons that it was banned

what you need is make your own
how hard the precursors are to get depends on where you live, but the synthesis itself is very easy


Not to derail the thread but where are you getting the vision problems and brain damage from? Been smoking it for a few months now so I would like to read a source. Thanks.


k2 (or the various jwh-xxx compounds in them) have never been implicated in vision or brain damage
however some of the jwhs have been theorized to metabolize to cancerogenic substances
there have been no credible studies proving that and there are jwhs whose metabolism does not lead to any known cancerogens
for more information google jwh-018 cancer and read the bluelight threads


I use to recreationally use it to induce anterograde amnesia. Quite fun, or so I'm told it was.


oh man it does wonders in higher doses after that one stand with a 200lb bar fly, trust me it happens to all of us and you sure as hell don't wanna remember it hahahahahha