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Xanex Hangover While on AAS

nothing helps, caffeine or whatever. its like being stoned the whole time. anyone know of a compound to counter xanax? I take it for beter rest and required down time.
I once toook 900mg of caffeine asnd ephedra and fell asleep. tf? I have PTSD from war so xanex helps but not with training.
Input please. I get drug testd so MJ is out of question. Melatonin is too weak for mmy condition. Unisom worked for a little while, lunesta and ambien do nutty shit to your brain. NO rest NO growth… I need hellp. Maybe a compound I dont know of

There are different kinds of benzodiazepines that will have a much longer half life than xanax, and will not hit you as strong (thus making the withdrawals much more manageable, and they won’t completely knock you out.) Ativan is a good example, Klonopin is another. There are also barbituates but I have no experience with those.
I hope this helps at least a little, I was on 4mg of Ativan a day for a year and a half because i had severe social anxiety. It did wonders for me, and I was still able to put up good numbers in the gym.

from what I’ve read barbituates are rarely used now, from having a far worse risk/benefit ratio then benzos. In fact there is this “20 worst drugs” documentary that rates them 3rd only after coke and heroin.

sorry that my post wasn’t at all helpful haha

actually… my mother is a psychologist who specializes with PTSD, she’s worked with hundreds of soldiers, i’ll ask her about this situation, I’m sure she would have a helpful recommendation