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Xab's Log: Lift Heavy, Eat Clean

I might as well post some of my work in the gym.

I’m working towards fat loss, and my progression has been NROL I through III, to Cosgrove’s Real Fast Fat Loss ( http://www.T-Nation.com/free_online_article/sports_body_training_performance/real_fast_fat_loss ) to a program based on RFFL with some different periodization.

Here’s what I’m doing:

  1. Hang clean and jerk - 5x5
    2A) Back squat - 5x5
    2B) Pull up to hanging leg raise - 4x10
    3A) Bent over barbell row - 4x10
    3B) Bulgarian split squat - 4x10
    3C) T-pushup - 4x10


  1. Hang snatch - 5x5
    2A) Deadlift - 5x5
    2B) Alternating lunge w/ overhead press - 4x10
    3A) Good morning to reverse lunge - 4x10
    3B) Lat pulldown - 4x10
    3C) Burpees - 4x10

Each workout is followed by some Cosgrove hormone release stuff, then Tabata bike sprints or dumbbell swings.

My most recent weight/set is as follows:


  1. Hang clean and jerk: 5/95, 4/105, 4/115, 3/125, 3/135
    2A) Back squat: 5/225, 5/225, 5/235, 3/245, 3/245
    2B) Pullups: All are 8-10 at bodyweight.
    3A) Bent over barbell row: 10/95, 10/105, 8/135, 8/135
    3B) Bulgarian split squats: 12/BW, 10/60, 11/60, 11/60
    3C) T-Pushups: 8-10 with bodyweight.


  1. Hang snatch: 5/85, 4/95, 4/95, 3/105, 3/105
    2A) Deadlift: 5/225, 4/235, 4/235, 3/245, 5/245
    2B) Alternating lunge w/ overhead press: 10/50, 10/50, 8/60, 7/60
    3A) Good morning to reverse lunge: 8/95, 7/95, 8/105, 6/115
    3B) Lat pulldown: 10/120, 10/130, 10/130, 10/140
    3C) Burpees: 7-8 at bodyweight.

What I’m going for is hitting several types of training all at once, since intra-workout undulating periodization seems to be very effective. The O-style lifts are completed with about 1:30 of rest between sets, the power exercises have about a minute rest, and everything in superset 3 have only 20 sec of rest between each exercise, to hopefully elicit a higher lactate state for some higher EPOC.

I’ll be backing off on the heavy DLs and squats since I hurt my back somehow. My whole lumbar region hurts and I can’t bend it out, and it also hurts under heavy load. Hopefully it will heal up soon.

I also go run intervals on every day that I don’t lift. Each lifting session is preceded by some dynamic warmups.

I might add in some past workouts here, but for now, I’ll stick with my most recent work. Any comments/suggestions would be great.

jaja, hey man good to know you followed my advice, seems like enought volume on your training.

now i’m with 5/3/1 training 4 times a week, plus 5 session of boxing(mon-fri)+2 bb complex session.

one question, did i read bad or can ypu actually make pull ups??, i’m supossing all the weight are in pounds

Yeah, all weight here is in pounds. I do 4x10 pullups with hanging leg raises on workout A.

I should also note that I started at 271 lbs, and am currently at 257 lbs.

[quote]Xab wrote:
I do 4x10 pullups with hanging leg raises on workout A.


this is what i don’t get, so at 257 you can do pull ups?, i’m surprised because 2 days ago i did my first chin up, and only could did a single rep.

if so, you’re damn strong

Heh, thanks tuchavito. I’ve just done pullups for a really long time. I sometimes struggle towards the end, but I can usually knock out at least 8. I guess as I lose weight, I’ll be able to do more!

Since this is within my first few posts, here’s a bit more info:

FitDay: http://fitday.com/fitness/PublicJournals.html?Owner=Xabe

Dietary goals: Low carbs (>100g/day) while attempting to hit 1800-2000 kcals every day, with a healthy balance of fats and lots of protein. I carb load every 4-5 days and try to get about 250-300g carbs. So, I eat a lot of lean meat, veggies, fruits, and eggs.


Grow! Whey
Surge Workout Fuel
Surge Recovery
HOT-ROX Extreme
Curcumin 500
GNC’s Mega Men Sport multivitamin
Colon Cleanse fiber supplement (100% psyllium husk)
Metabolic Drive bars for the occasional snack

I used to use ZMA, but it made my prostate swell. I’m about 40 years too young for that, so I decided to lay off.

Somehow or another, I decimated my serratus posterior inferior so I’ll have to stay off the iron for a little bit. The doc cleared me for some cardio stuff and a few lifts, but definitely no squatting, deadlifting, or Olympic lifts. This is probably going to hurt my progress, but it’s more important to have a healthy back.

Moral of the story: Don’t round out your back on the pull for a split snatch.

Alright, in keeping up with back rehab, I’ve been taking muscle relaxants and I’ve recovered most of my ROM in my back. There’s still a little pain, but it’s getting noticeably less every day.

So far, I’ve been running intervals the past few days, as well as doing some easier lifting. I was able to front squat 155lbs today without any pain. It’s nowhere near what I’ve front squatted before, but I’m glad that such a back intensive exercise was relatively effortless for me to do. The doc said I just have to ease back into lifting, so I’ll probably be repping 150lb dead lifts for a gym visit or two.

The good thing too is that I’m still losing a bit of weight. It’s obviously harder without the enormous EPOC from lifting heavy, but any progress towards my goal is welcome.

Still more rehab is necessary, as the pain hasn’t yet gone away. I’m doing intervals every day and the fat is still falling right off. I’m at 254lbs now. I just miss lifting super heavy ass weights. =(

Jesus, I need to stay on this.

Update from injury: Serratus sprain/crushed disc is mostly no longer an issue. My squat is back up to 185, and I’m scaling my DL more slowly (since it’s more pressure on my back) but I’m doing it at 135 for now. I’m just too afraid of getting too much volume in and reinjuring.

Current workouts look like this:

Walking lunge - 50 yds x4, 50-70lbs
Pushup w/ feet on bench - 10

Squat - 185x5x10
Bench press - 185x3x5

Barbell complex: (5 sets of 8, 45-60lbs)
Front squat
Good morning
Military press
Back squat
Hang clean
Bent over barbell row

Then I’ll finish it off with some intervals.

My fat loss has, unfortunately, slowed. I suspect my radically lowered T levels, which I’m still searching for a fix for. Despite doing this working 3-4 days a week and being extremely picky about my diet, it just won’t budge.

The docs call it a crappy endocrine system, I call it a challenge. Lift heavy, eat clean.

good to have you back xab, there are no obstacles, just challenges.

good luck and watch you’re back ,you’ll be back in notime.

Yesterday morning, I weighed in at 251. This morning, I weighed in at 245. I didn’t even take a dump yesterday. The fuck?

I’m sure as hell not complaining though.

Todays lifts were fucking awesome. I got back to 225 on my back squat. It’s definitely not as good as some of you hosses around here, but hey, I’m making progress!

  1. Squat:

2A) Bench press

2B) Walking lunge
45lbs, 50 yds
45lbs, 50 yds
65lbs, 50 yds

Complexes (from last post)
Set 1: 45lbs
Set 2: 45lbs
Set 3: 55lbs
Set 4: 55lbs

Then finish it off with some heavier, lower-rep military presses and some curlz for da gurlz.

Time for foodz.