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X2 Smolov Jr


Hey guys, was just wondering after previously running a smolov jr bench cycle i had read that it was do-able to run 2 cycles at the same time, one for bench and one for Dls. Just wondering if anyone has tried this and if so how did it go?

So the training breakdown would look like
Monday 70% 6x6
Tue 75% 7x5
Thurs 80% 8x4
Fri 85% 10x3

Monnday 70% 6x6 Add 10 - 15lbs
Tue 75% 7x5 Add 10 - 15lbs
Thurs 80% 8x4 Add 10 - 15lbs
Fri 85% 10x3 Add 10 - 15lbs

Monday 70% 6x6 Add 5 - 10lbs to week 2's weights
Tue 75% 7x5 Add 5 - 10lbs to week 2's weights
Thurs 80% 8x4 Add 5 - 10lbs to week 2's weights
Fri 85% 10x3 Add 5 - 10lbs to week 2's weights

I change the days to what i am training on, i would assume that with benching and dl-ing 4 times a week you wouldn't want to go nuts with acc work so i was thiking one acessory lift for bench and one for dl a day and cut the prowlering i do to twice a week down from four?

Any help appreciated, many thanks


Smolov for deadlifts is going to end up pretty badly.


How so?


I won't pretend to be an expert, and maybe it is just me, but that looks like a shit ton of DL work for a natural lifter with a job over the age of 18. My body recovers well from Bench and even to a lesser degree squats, but DL 4 time a week with those kinds of % and that kind of volume seems really stressful to your CNS and ability to recover. Of course I am a puss, and I'm often wrong, but that seems to be too much of a good thing.


Deadlifting more than once a week is incredibly stressful on your CNS and it's likely you'll brutalize your body to the point where you will make strength losses. If you look like accepted professional powerlifting programs like Sheiko for MSIC, full deadlifts are only done once a week.


Well i am already 3 days into this training and i can agree it is fairly stressful however i seem to recover fairly well, obv i am seriously pounding the food down, but if this does turn out to be a cautionaryt tail then lesson learned.


Let us know when you get injured. That kind of volume on deadlift is going to eat away at you until you break.


I did smolov jr. for Bench, squat, and hip snatch all at the same time about 5 months ago, lots of volume and about 2 hours in the gym four days a week, but it definitly seemed worth it.


I've heard smolov variants for DL is not so succesfull, mind it's mostly a squat specialization routine. But we can't stop you if you're determined. Go ahead and try, and please report the results. :slight_smile:

-- Stallion