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X2 - NEW Trailer

Check it out, it looks FABULOUS:


(And remember folks, LoTR: The Two Towers THIS week!).


Patricia, goddess of all movie knowledge, how many movies did each principle have to sign on for? Are all of the characters the same actors as last time? Any 'unofficial' sites where I can see other stuff????

To “Goddess who Appreciates Movie Knowledge” Michelle: Apparently the primary cast members had signed on for two sequels. However, Halle Berry had been quoted in “Sci Fi Wire” that she’s yet to commit to a second sequel. And she would only if Storm had a bigger role. Just about all the same actors portraying the same characters, save for the roles of Pyro and Kitty Pryde. Additional cast members are: Alan Cumming as Nightcrawler (didn’t he look GOOD?); Michael Reid Mackay (Jason/“Mutant 143”); Daniel Cudmore (“Colossus”); Kea Wong (“Jubilee”); Shauna Kain (“Siryn”); Steve Bacic (Dr. Hank “Henry” McCoy/“Beast”).

Just a whole bunch of mutantee goodness.

On, and there's the baddies with Brian Cox as Stryker (gawd, this guy's a great actor!), and Kelly Hu as Lady Deathstryke (didn't she look awesome?). Rebecca Romyn-Stamos is back as Mystique and so is Ian McKellen as Magneto.

Official site is here: www.x-men-the-movie.com


And I saw a just lovely picture of Colossus on the site as well… I wonder if he turns to metal in this movie or if he is just a cameo.

Kitty and Pyro weren't all that big in the last movie anyway, so that's no big deal. I just hate it when a main character is a new person all of a sudden, the whole personality seems to change even when the part is written the exact same.

Well, you’ll notice in this trailer that Pyro does have an impact. As well as Kitty and Jubilee. I tell you this, if they follow the script that I had gotten a chance to read (a bit) and also got to read a review of, this movie is going to be amazing.

But I know what you mean. Which brings to mind this question: Who's going to be Dumbledore in the next Harry Potter?

Actually, Ray Park, who played Toad in the first one was hired to be Pyro initially, but budget constraints resulted in a changing of the script… another reason we didn’t see Beast in the first one (the director actually asked for an extra $50 million for the effects just on Beast’s character!)

Though he normally plays evil characters, I think Christopher Lee could pull off a great Dumbledore.

M. Stu: Mr. Park has also been very busy. Recently in “Ecks vs. Sever” and has been getting ready for “Iron Fist” (another comic book to movie flick). As for The Beast, you’ve got to remember that Hank McCoy, pre-Beast, was not all blue furred. Which is how he’s going to be portrayed initially.

Spanky: Yeah, I would love to see Mr. Lee as Dumbledore. And he was approached. But after Star Wars and LoTR, do you think he was to be in another franchise? I've been doing some searching on this, and I think they've actually found a somebody....I'll report later.

Yeah, I was thinking about that. But if he did do it, that would be sort of the modern Geek Triad or something wouldn’t it? Hell, the only thing left would be for him to be in one of the Matrix sequels.

The real question is going to be if they stick with an all British cast like Chris Columbus demanded, even though he’s not directing any more. That would certainly limit the field.

Yeah Pat, and what a great movie Ecks vs Sever was,… I’m sure tons of people ran to go see it (lol). Seriously, for a pretty much untrained actor, Park is quite naturally skilled in front of the camera, especially as a baddie. As far as Doc McCoy being Blue and furry, well, we know they’re taking quite a few liberties with the original story, but you have to appeal to a mass market when you have to recoup such a large budgeted project. I’m not complaining though, and I was a real X-man nut growing up. All we need now is some acting lessons for Ms. Berry, who seems to forget to act once you put a white wig on her.

The director for “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkabon” is: Alfonso Cuaron (Y Tu Mama Tambien, A Little Princess - a really, really good flick!). As for Dumbledore? Well Cuaron and WB have not decided on who the replacement will be. They have even approached Ian McKellen. Production won’t begin until February 2003.

And remember this: I'm telling y'all this stuff, and I'm not even a HP fan....

Well, it’s been a good week for me.

Buffy was super exciting.

Nememsis was okay, if you’re a Star Trek fan. My friend sure was.

LOTR is fantastic. Aragorn sure has presence, but Gollem sure steals the show.

I even saw the T3 preview at the theatre - that was pretty exciting.