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X2, Matrix, and King Conan goodness...Casablanca

Okay…thought I should drag you all away from thoughts and talk on war. And let’s talk MOVIES.

X2: Apparently Bryan Singer is almost completed with the final cut of X2. The plan is for a final cut clocking in at 135 min (2-hours, 15-minutes). A full 30-minutes more than the original! Yahoo! And here’s a bonus: X2 clips in quicktime! Go here: www.apple.com/trailers/fox/x2/clips/

King Conan: Over a TheArnoldFan, they are reporting that John Milius is indeed convinced that “King Conan: Crown of Iron” is moving forward. Also mentioned is that Chyna and Sean Connery being considered for roles. Hey, maybe Chyna will be Conan’s son? hehehehehehe. Okay, I’m kidding.

Casablanca: And here’s some “PLEASE say it isn’t so” news: Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck have secured rights to remake Casablanca. Affleck will be “Rick” and Lopez will be the Ingrid Bergman part. Oh, and they’re excited. They want to prove and show to the world their love, via their onscreen chemistry. What’s wrong with a Hallmark card? Photos in The Star?

And now, for something else BRIGHTER and BETTER:
The Matrix: Reloaded trailer, in beautiful quicktime. And it’s a goodie of a trailer. Check it out:

Some “Kill Bill” shots are up at www.tarantino.info

Enjoy all!

Kill Bill – Uma Thurman? As a strong character?

Matrix Reloaded – Can’t wait!

King Conan – Sean Connery? I can see Chyna (good one on her playing Conan’s son!) as some form of uber-warrior bitchy person. But Connery? What type of role would he play?

Casablanca – Just shows that these people can’t come up with an original thought to save their own lives (or careers). Fortunately for them, they’ve probably got enough public inertia to not lose too much credibility.

X2 – Never saw the first one, so I can’t make any comment there, but I like the fact it’s longer. What’s with all these 90-minute-or-less movies? Don’t they think we can sit there that long?

I hate remakes in general, but the idea of Afleck and Lopez (both of whom I loathe) butchering a classic like this is too much. Imagine if modern painters were to get into this practice, going back and “improving” all of our culture’s defining works. This is no different. For similer reasons, I also probably wouldn’t like to see another Conan (although I do love seeing Connery in wierd roles).

On the other side of things, my excitement for X2 and the next Matrix betray my nerdiness. I giggled like an idiot watching the trailers.

Please, not Ben and JLo in Casablanca. I don’t understand the need to remake the movie when the first effort was superb. It seems like they are just setting themselves up for failure. The ego it must take for them to think that they are comparable actors to Bogart and Bergman is incredible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind watching Ben or Jen in a movie, but it seems like they could be biting off more than they can chew. Oh well, it’s even money that they’re divorced by the time it’s supposed to start shooting anyway. Wow! I sound cynical today. Sorry.

Brider - Connery would fit quite well into a couple of roles in Conan, if the story sticks to the themes of Robert E. Howard’s book series, as the first movie did. In Howard’s books, Conan becomes king of Aquilonia. This country is roughly analogous to the UK in Howard’s fictional world, which somewhat resembles Europe, North and Central Africa, and the Middle East of our world.

Yeah, I think Connery will add “weight” to King Conan. Much like Max Von Sydow in the first.

E McKee you giggled? My eyes were practically weepy. OHMYGOD. To see Pyro in action. OR Nightcrawler in BAMPF mode? Whoa. Lady Deathstrike fighting Wolverine?

May is gonna be a fabulous month for us geeks.

Just found a cool site for X2 goodness: geocities.com/x2movie/

Hey, folks: May 2 is just around the corner.

BTW: J-Lo’s sister has (on “The View”) denied the whole “Casablanca” thing. Thank god.

And X2 has been renamed to “X2: X-Men United” and “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” to “The League”.

And oh yes, can’t forget “Knight Rider”. David Elliott and Paul Lovett have been hired to script the big screen version of this “classic” from the 80’s. Uh huh. Yea.

“The Amazing Spider-Man”: if anyone plans of making a stop by to Columbia University, here’s a tip: filming has begun for the sequel to “Spider-Man” on campus.

Germans love David Hasselhof.

Knight Rider!!! NOOOOOOO!!!

And to think I used to watch that show… I was such a loser.

There seems to be a rolling 15-25 year window after a show when they’ll try to capitalise on the older generation’s nostaligia by butchering whatever they can. Fortunately most of these projects never make it past the script stage, but a few have slipped through (cough-charlies angles- vomit-). I can only imagine what cut rate teen/young actor they’ll use for night rider.

I heared a while back that they were doing A-team, why I don’t know. I wonder if they’ll still use the same beatup white rapist vans for all of their getaways (yes, sadly I watched that show too)

I just hope they never trash my favorite of the 80s MacGeyver. Although I must say, when I see the reruns I always get so pissed off that he won’t atleast THROW the goddamn gun at the adversary. He could just point it at a guy, bluff, and presto, shows over. I know he had that whole childhood thing (I saw that episode), but part of being a man is putting childhood trauma behind you and conquering your fears. And that damn PENNY PARKER (Teri Hatcher, pre-radioshack), oh, don’t get me started on her. That stupid ass bitch was constantly getting good ol’ Macgeyver in trouble, but what burned me up more was that never once (that I can remember at least) did that episode end with McGeyver tapping that ass. He saved her life time after time, but she was still a prudish stuck up bitch.

On another note, Richard Dean Anderson is a decent hockey player, and also proud owner of the Stan Mikita statue seen in Waynes World. Supposedly no one knows where it is stored.

Damn that Penny Parker. Bitch. Pete Thornton is still the man though. Same with Jack Dalton- that actor has been in a ton of other small roles, including the classic Van Dam flick Time Cop.

Holy shit I went off on this one. Pill time? Ok.

brider—Sean connery would play the part of Alba Metallus Fortunas Conans commmander and tyrannical emperor.