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Do those of you with an X-vest wear a shirt under? I sweat a lot and was thinking of wearing one under it. Thanks

Sure. I wore a tshirt under mine with no problem.

Oh yeah… no prob. I wear a cutoff.

That vest is the best damn thing for sprints.

Yeah, and it seems to be pretty stank-resistant… It never really got to funky. But now I spray it with Lysol because I don’t want to push it.

It’s cool for glute-ham raises as well.

ryno, awesome use for the x-vest! It’s so obvious yet I never thought of it, doh! How about the other obvious ones like dips and pull ups… I wear a tank under mine. You can wash it supposedly. Anyone used it for swimming yet? Or staying afloat? I could imagine some serious cardio there… maybe a heart attack or some people drowning. Now that is dangerously hardcore!

ya a tank sounds like a good idea. If you don’t wear a shirt over than people bother you in the gym asking you what that is I’m wearing.

Glute hams, plyos, jumping squats good, swimming bad.

One of those Under Armor heat gear shirts would probably be great for this.

What’s the best price for one of these?

Fit, they are pricey, but nice. The best deal I found online was from Goldmanbros dot com. I bought 4 shirts for about $25 each and qualified for free shipping for the total price.

I meant the vest, not the shirts.

150-200 depending on how much weight and whether it is custom fit. If you order mention you saw the promotional price in T-Mag, you get nearly 50 of the 40 lb vest.

But if you wear your X-Vest remember never to reveal your true identity. Also, as Professor X used to say, with great power comes great reponsibility. And if anyone comes to this school looking for trouble…