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x vest

Santa came a little earlier today. I got my x vest in. Seems like a well made product. Anyone get one yet? Seems like you could use it for a whole host of gpp.

Can it be worn under a t-shirt without being noticed?

Just got my last nite for X-mas (40lb). Can’t wait to test it out. Not so sure about the inconspicuous appearance, though.
It’s a little like a bulky, bullet-proof vest. Stick with the shirt over.

Myself and the fam got my brother one this year for Christmas, I’ll direct him toward this thread once he gets a chance to try it out.


well I
m thinking of getting this one, mainly becuase it is designed to be used under a t-shirt :slight_smile:


it looks very compact so should be pretty much ok under a t-shirt

Cool- Just out of curiousity, why the fixation on such a svelte vest? I checked out that site, it seems that there is a disparity between the 2 vests. The Smartvest is better for endurance type applications since it only goes up to i think 12lbs, while the X vest is designed more for anaerobic power (goes up to 40lbs). Nevertheless, the X fits pretty snug even though it’s not exactly ideal for wwearing under a shirt.

Did anyone get a training videotape or manual? My vest didn’t come with one.