X Vest Update

Just an update on my T-Jack X Vest thread. Figured this might interest a few people. Not really a bad report/review just that after constantly putting this thing through the ringer seems I have found it’s limit in one area.

I have consistantly loaded extrenal weights unto the vest up to 45 lbs on the front and back hook for step ups, dips etc… Well today I loaded 60 lbs onto it and that seemed to be just a tad to much for the hook for a constant wieght. The stitches began to fail/tear out.

No real harm to the vest, and it still works Fine just know that if you want to go above and beyond 85lbs weight(40 lb vest and 45lbs added externally), you need to add the weight onto a belt or some other device. However it seemed to do fine dragging a higher load.

Still lovin the XVest though and suggest anyone with the means pick one up,


If you think this is something you’re going to want to do a lot, you might consider just buying the firefighter model up front.

I still haven’t bought one, but will some day. And I’m still not sure whether to go with the normal model or the firefighter, for ultimate growth potential.

Thanks for the update, Phill.