X-vest or Weight Belts

which of these two items would be better the improve my sprint time.the x-vest or The Hyper Gravity Weight Belts
\ Weight Belts | Adjustbale Vertical Weight Belts

I don’t really know which is better but if you decide on the belt go to a scuba shop and just buy a weight belt there instead. it will save you a bunch of cash, they even use the exact same weights.

Neither… check out kelley bagget’s website or Joe Defranco’s.

First let me say that I have an X-Vest but I have not used it for sprints. I do not have the gravity belt. For sprints my guess would be the X-vest, use one as light as possible (10-20 lbs). Too heavy will mess up the form and would be hard on the joints. My guess is that the belt may move around when you sprint full speed, it seemed like it was designed for jumping more. Plus the vest will give a more even load on the body.

You can also try a power chute which is designed for sprinting and just sprinting up an incline is great for power development. Good luck.

I have an X-Vest which I really like. It balances and distributes the weight on your body. I would avoid running using the weight belt, you will find this very hard on your hips and knees.

Also never run with ankle weights (these are one of the most dangerous things ever designed), they will destroy your ankle joints and you knees. Never “punch” with wrist weights. This is asking to hyper-extend your elbow, which will remove you from lifting weights for a considerable amount of time.

I mostly hike/walk with my X-Vest. Running with it is okay, but don’t load it until you can’t breathe and try and run. If knees start to hurt, then STOP. Knee injuries are not beneficial to lifting.