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If you want to see the footage of X-Men 2 that was shown at Comic-Con, go here:

www.x-men-the-movie.com/ exclusive_footage/index.html (eliminate the space at "/" and "exclusive"). Enjoy!

Some pretty cool shots of Wolverine, but not much of anyone else… Who’s the guy blowing up the car? Pyro? Any word on who else will be in the movie? I’ve heard something about Nightcrawler…

Spanky! Hey, Nightcrawler is going to be Alan Cummings! Woo Hoo! Good casting in my opinion. You also gotta keep in mind that X-Men2 has only been in production for like 4 weeks when they had to compile this stuff for Comic Con. But it looks like they really liked it enough that what you have just seen will be the first trailer.

BTW: I may now be in Atlanta on Oct. 31. Planning on staying through Sunday, Nov. 3. Awaiting word from Adam to see if this works out. I hope so - cuz, I wanna get this shoot over!

More stuff to bring to the forum:

Interesting Wesley Snipes interview, he does talk about a possible "Black Panther" flick: http://www.latinoreview.com/ moviereviews/2002/undisputed/ wesleysnipesinterview.html (space at "/" and "movie").

Creature from the Black Lagoon: Creature Corner has confirmed it is indeed Guillermo Del Toro whose attached to the remake.

Batman: Year One: Variety reports that shock rocker Marilyn Manson is in talks to play the villainous 'The Scarecrow'. (uh, yeah - interesting *raising eyebrow*)

Patricia :-)

I agree, Alan Cummings is a good call. Can’t wait to see what they do with Nightcrawler! Colossus and Sentinels would have been good to see too, but hey, I’m patient :slight_smile:

You're not going to believe this, but I'm heading out of town on Oct 23rd and I may be gone that whole week! But if I can get back before you two head home I'd like to hang out with you and Ko. I'll keep you updated.