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X-Men Origins: Wolverine Official Thread


Well, might as well get the ball rolling on this, since it didn't seem like people wanted the Geek Sh*t threads cluttered with the discussion of this movie.

Did anyone see it last night?

Make sure you label your posts with SPOILER ALERT if you're going to discuss details of the movie.


I will be seeing it in about an hour...I'm glad I didn't catch wind of too many spoilers before hand..I want to see it with an open mind.

I will post after I see it...until then..this thread doesn't exist to me..lol.


i saw the premier.

it was fairly good compared to X3. the only thing i didnt like about it was there were too many "FFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUU-" moments.

more of a 300 kind of movie. it has some badass fight scenes in it.

i wasnt impressed with gambit, but deadpool i thought was done pretty well (post op anyway).

id give it a 7/10. would definitely see it again just because the fighting is so cool.


I saw the leaked version.

I liked it. Enough to watch it twice in 2 days.

Not as good as X2 or X-Men, but still pretty decent.


it was very theatrical I guess you can say, again like 300.
but I couldn't get emotionally involved in it.
I don't know why I just didn't really like it


I bet it will be a must for the Blu Ray Collection. I talked with someone who went to the premiere and I was told the action scenes are very well done.


Well I would write how I feel about it...but I don't know yet.

Doesn't help when your wife...who's seen the trailers and express that she "wanted" to see Wolverine with me is complaining about how loud it is...and too many explosions..blah..blah.

I'm have to see it again by myself. I refuse to watch any of upcoming "man" movies with her...she's banned.


LOL sorry to hear about this Boss, but you actually thought something different would happen? How many times do women ask you some question right in the middle of a kick ass action scene, or when some important tidbit of information is being revealed? It's like Murphy's Law of something.


Yeah,I should have known better...oh well,I will next Friday for Star Trek.


This movie was t3h motherfucking suck. It was worse X3. It was almost as bad as Elektra. Apparently Gavin Hood doesn't understand the concept of adamantium, or understand Cyclops' power. Hugh jackman was fine. he looked great, he worked his butt off but that's juts not enough to save this stinker.


Damn dude, keep the hate alive.


It was alright to me. Some parts were cool, while other parts were really lame and cheezy. I'm not going to go into details since most haven't seen it yet. I'd probably see it again if it was on tv and i was just sitting around doing nothing.


How can Deadpool see and react to bullets aimed at him?


I just got back from it. I liked it, thought it was better than the X3. As other posts have mentioned, a lot of of fighting scenes. Some decent plot development between Logan and the girl whose name escapes me at the moment. I think it would have been a lot better if the movie had expounded on aspects like that instead of glossing over most of them in order to get to the next action scene.

Still, well done.


Its bullshit. Believe me, he's not that fast. They only did it for movie purposes.


It was horrible in my opinion. I was bored, literally bored watching this movie. Jackman does do a good job, but that was about it. I would have thought it was cool if i caught it on a lazy afternoon on cable but i had to be a dumb ass and pay for it. I have no good feelings about this movie. Will.i.am really didn't need to be in this movie. The throwaway mutants were just ass. Cyclops was so so. The dude who played sabertooth was just okay. Some of the special effects were needlessly horrible.

I don't know how it is being compared to 300 because there was probably a ounce, a literal ounce of blood in the whole entire movie. There was more blood in the cartoon, let me say that again THERE WAS MORE BLOOD IN THE CARTOON!! A movie about a dude with razor sharp claws who stabs anything that moves had a OUNCE of blood in it. Best part of the movie is the last 10min.

Don't even get me started with the fact that they royally fucked up the whole comic story line.

So in summation, watch the bootleg.

Also if your gonna do it to yourself stick around until all the credits roll. There is a lazy tidbit at the end.


I kept this post spoiler free to spare others who really want to see it. But I have specific gripes with this flick that I will give in detail after about a week has passed.




I saw it tonight. I liked it. Go see it.

Great action scenes. Good story with only some minor inconsistencies that you can easily look past.

Hugh did a great job as Wolverine. Liev did a good job as Sabertooth. Some of the other mutants weren't all that great, but it wasn't focused on them. Gambit was okay too.


Well..I originally said I didn't know how I felt about it. That's the same feeling I had after seeing Daredevil. Which is not a good thing...

Wolverine was ok....which is a big let down. This movie should have been more than just OK. The timeline...plot..etc...too "popcorn" for me. I'd give it a 6/10....now we can get off Hugh Jackman's/Wolverine's nutz...and look forward to Capt. America..Thor..Avengers..etc.

Universal deserves all my attention...they seem to know what they're doing with Marvel movies...fuck Fox.