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X-Men First Class


just saw it, dont if there was already a thread about this, but it was awesome and magneto is a badass.


Has been covered in the geek shit threads. Great movie though.


I wasn't even thinking about this movie till it came out and I went and yeah, probably the best movie of the Summer.


Yes, the Geeks have covered this issue in detail....adn yes, that movie was great. Magneto is why it worked though, even though they did a great job with Charles also.


They used very good techniques in developping magnetos character. I love a character who even though he may do bad things you cannot help but root for him and want him to succeed. The only problem with that movie was having havoc in there, seriously wtf were they thinking


i lol @ Havok being Cyclops father on the movie.


Yeah like Havoc is an awesome character but they should of even kept with Cyclops, even if that doesnt make total sense it would still be better. Hell I would of even preferred Vulcan then Havoc lol.

In a perfect world, neither summers brother would be in this one and in the later ones they could have a side plot with scot, alex and mister sinister and then the xmen would fight him in an even later movie or something similar.


wait, isn't mister Sinister Gambit's father?


Word is that Mr. Sinister will be the next villain.


Didn't like what they did with Beast's costume.


I totally never heard that ill have to look it up, I just remember reading x factor a long time ago and reading something about him being with scot and trying to harness his powers totally got to re read all that. Hes a great villain though very intellectual


Yeah same here it was pretty bad the beast in x3 was a lot better