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X-Men First Class


I thought it was awesome.


Going Tuesday hopefully, despite negative reviews from critics and friends I have high expectations. As long as it's more entertaining than the third Xmen film I'll be happy.


this was the best x-men movie. other than the dark knight series, best comic book movie, imo.


Definitely more story driven than the other X-Men movies--I loved it for that reason alone.

The on screen dynamic between ProfX and Magneto was great. The chemistry was really good.

I'm a bit confused why they showed Alex Summers but NOT Cyclops (Scott Summers); he was part of the original X-Men team, after all. Kevin Bacon was great.

If they do a follow up--and I'm sure they will--I hope they don't fuck up the franchise, something Hollywood seems to do really well.


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Question... Is this x-men related to the last ones? or is this an entirely different series with a different director etc?


Saw it tonight, it is very solid. Prof X and Magneto do have solid chemistry. Magneto's character is simply awesome...you find yourself rooting for him, despite the fact you know he turns evil eventually. The movie also did a nice job of showcasing early 60's culture, music, historic footage, etc.


Someone correct me if Im wrong but I want to say Alex was separated for awhile from Scott during their teenage and early adult life.


I agree with everybody else the Prof X and Magneto Chem was good, the dialogue and events surrounding them seemed very authentic and "real". The only problem I had was the whole "kid" part, it fell flat in comparison to Magneto/Prof X dynamic.

And those scenes with kids and Prof X/Magneto were often back to back of each other and it made me feel like I was watching 2 movies, one an A quality movie with excellent intriguing characters and the other a B/C movie that had paper cut out characters that were filler.


I really like the scene with him at the bar in Argentina I believe. Pretty badass.


On a quick sidenote, what is the name of the girl in your avatar and does she have sex on film? Thanks.


To the best of my knowledge, aren't their certain story arc/writer interpretations where Alex is Scott's father?


Apparently it's guna be a trilogy!


Absolutely, that was hands down a badass scene. My 14-year old son literally turned to me in the theater and said "wow" at the conclusion of that scene.

The cameo with a certain future (but not founding) X-Men was also hilarious. Possibly the best use of the F-bomb in a PG13 movie ever.


This movie and any sequels are meant to lead up to the events of X-Men.


First Class was X-cellent.


-10 interwebz for horrific word play!


Aw, come on - somebody had to do it :frowning:

P.S. I think the word you were looking for was 'X-cruciating'..


well played sir, well played.


I'm not sure of a different storyline with Alex being Scott's father. I wouldn't doubt it with all of the time/dimension changes they have made in the past.

But, the most consistant part of the Summers family, is that Scott is Alex's older brother and they were in an airplane with his parents flying over the ocean when the plane caught fire.

Then, they were pushed out of it by Scott's father, with only one parachute between them and it caught fire as they were falling.

They were rescued and put in an orphanage. Alex was adopted, while Scott stayed until Prof-X found him after he ran away from the orphanage.

Scott and Alex reunited soon after, I believe.

Corsair of the Starjammers is their father, while their mother died while giving birth to Gabriel Summers (Vulcan).