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X-Men: First Class Trailer


Released yesterday, a look at the upcoming new X-Men movie, coming out June 3. Thoughts?


That looks...legendary. I hope they wrote it well.


I agree Professor. It's hard to say from the trailer, but the storyline looks inviting, and I think people look forward to these prequel type of movies to elaborate on how these mutant fuckers came to be.


This seems to have taken a page off of the Dark Knight. Thank the powers that be they moved away from the kiddie slapstick FF hero movies.


Has this franchise not used up every bit of goodwill it had? Can they at least give me a few years to get the taste of X-3 and Wolverine out of my mouth?

...there's got to be a better way to say that.


I came!


The Wolverine sequel will involve alot of Japan and what took place there. Also in the mix, Die Hard 5.


I'm in.


Trailer looked nice, though the fanboy in me is a bit annoyed seeing the likes of Havok, Emma Frost, Beast etc as adults in a film set in the 60's. If its good I'll be able to get over that though


I agree.

It was a little confusing to see them out of historical sequence like that.

Looks damn good, though.


Well Beast was one of the original Xmen and the comic was a child of the 60's so as far as that goes it fits. And He was more of a teenager from what I see in the trailer.


I know Prof X mentioned this a long time ago, but the studios should be stroking Stan Lee's dick with a golden glove, for providing all this material to make blockbuster movies. Take away these X-Men, Thor, Wolverine, Batman, Ironman type of movies, and you would not have many summer blockbusters worthy of leaving your air-conditioned house.


You can blame the preceding movies for any anachronisms in the the character department (Emma Frost, although not named, was one of the kids in the Weapon X project in Wolverine). And I think Beast is a beastlet in this, which contradicts his cameo in X2 as a human:


The costume design is beyond brilliant (who said movie X-Men couldn't carry off yellow?), and the sixties is the perfect time period to set this film given the previous movies' use of mutants as political / civil rights allegory.


I am interested...looked good...


The Kennedy clips are awesome (real life merged with fiction) and I like the proto-Cerebro at 1.23. Bodes well.


Fucking cool!


Fuck. Yes.




I didn't give a fuck about this movie when I heard it was being made...too jaded from X3 and Wolverine I guess. But this trailer was seriously well done. If it proves to be reflective of the overall tone of the movie, First Class is going to be awesome.


Yea im in. Though i will say, as pointed out by a friend, "can't help but laugh at Mr. Tumnis playing Charles"