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X-men 3 Trailer


I havent been to the movies in ages so I dont know if they've been running the X-Men trailer but I was blown away, I couldnt be happier that they've added Beast and Archangel.

May is a ways off but I'm looking forward to this one.



I can't wait. The first two were great, and I can't get enough Famke. Mmmmmm Famke.


Seriously.... preeeety dope.

...although, I can help but wonder, would it have been better if the guy playing Beast was a little.... bigger?


I hope it's good. X-Men 2 wasn't that great. Niether was Spiderman 2 for that matter.


Hell ya, Vinny Jones as juggernaut outta be pretty bad ass (for a soccer player) :slight_smile:


I liked X-men 2 significally more than X-men 1. Bigger budget, better special effects, more thought put into the fight scenes (the part where molten metal comes out of that girls eyes to look like tears was seriously cool).

As for all the talk of the guys being bigger, there really aren't that many super-muscular guys who can act. Can you imagine Ronnie C trying to act? high pitched voice "yeaaaa buddy!"


lol, as a film-maker, let it be known right now that I will NEVER cast someone on image as opposed to acting ability (and I expect they didn't either), except possibly for a non-speaking role.

...that being said, I haven't seen the dude who plays beast act yet. I hope his ability makes up for the fact that he looks quite a bit thinner than I expected him to.

X2 certainly did have some awesome moments. ...but remember the guy who's directing X3 (Brett Ratner) is the same dude who directed the Rush Hour movies... buttt, also "Red Dragon". so who knows? I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and I'm also hoping that Superman will be good. (please, please, don't suck)


Mmmmmm......my favorite; Wolverine.
It's not the actor, it's the character.
Yeah, he should have been shorter but I think Jackman does a relatively good job of it.


i thought jackman would suck.. he didnt he is pretty good, rebecca rojmain is pretty bad ass , really so far all the cast has done a very good job of protraing the charicters. i would have liked to see mel gibson as wolverine and im sure there are others who have talked about this and it's a worn out topic , so for those of them im sorry i brought it up.


i think beast will turn out ok - Kelsy Grammer has the right voice and he's great in Fraiser. I wonder though if juggernaught is a mutant in this as opposed to his powers being mystical(due to a gemstone in his helmet).
other than that looking forward to it!


Yes, you have.


I liked both of them. That is one of the few "superhero movies" I have seen SEVERAL times other than Batman Begins. Other than the problem I have with small people being cast in parts that have always been extremely muscular, they have done a great job on casting. They couldn't have picked anyone better for Professor X and Magneto.

The bad news is, this will be the last movie.


I thought X2 was an awesome movie, even better than the 1st. Can't wait for the new one to come out.


THAT'S where I recognize her from! I could never place her on Nip/Tuck and it drove me NUTS! NOW I know - Jean Gray!


Thanks, man. :slight_smile:


This will only be the last movie if it doesn't make a lot of money. :slight_smile:


Do you know how many times Toho has said that about a Godzilla movie? Final Wars was number 28.


I just like the franchise. I can't say that about any other movies. Spiderman 2 wasn't that good at all to me.


I hope Rogue has more powers this time around, if it's the last movie (Together as there is suppose to be a separate Wolverine movie) X2 had me waiting for her to "mature" into the flying and strength powers which would be handy against Juggernaut.


This may be the last X-men movie but they are making a Wolverine movie with Hugh Jackman.


Everything about those movies was fine except the scripts. I haven't seen either in a while (and only saw them once) so I can't really say much.
I do remember Spiderman randomly losing his powers and then randomly getting them back, kinda tainted the whole experience for me. Plus the whole action sequence at the bank where Spidey's aunt was hanging from the side of a building by her cane. Riiiiiight. I know these are superhero movies but that crosses the line of silliness.
Bit of a hijack but oh well.