X-Men 2

Liked it!
It just set the tone for the 14th, I have my ticket for Matrix alredy!
Any one else see it?

Awesome movie indeed saw it last night. I loved nightcrawler!
Yeah wanna see it again ;p

The matrix preview was unreal, made me wanna jump up and down.

What an AWESOME movie. They did a wonderful job!

Matrix Reloaded preview looks too good to be true. I too just about jumped out of my seat. I am such a nerd.

The Hulk preview has me worried though. I will undoubtedly go see it, but he looks way too animated!

X-Men 2 Was AWESOME!!! MATRIX RELOADED trailer was cool too can’t wait for that movie. I thought the Hulk trailer looked good though. What did you guys thought about the The League of Extraordanry Gentalmen trailer?

I wants them ALL. :slight_smile:
LXG looks really, really interesting…I like the premise, the characters are very different.

Looks like a mix of Indiana Jones, and the mummy, looks good though.

At this very moment, we’re getting ready to go see X2. Food and beer before, though.

As for “The League” (it’s NEW official title), I’ll say this. It’ll be the ONE comic book based movie that will SUCK. Sorry to say. But that’s just what I firmly believe.

And I’m very rarely wrong about this stuff. The Matrix: Reloaded will have MUCH to fill now after X2. I have a strong feeling that X2 will be THE super hero movie made. Yup. I always look for that movie that will surpass “Superman” and I’m thinking X2 has done it.

I will post a wee review tomorrow.

Okay saw it. But before I say anything about the movie, I have some thoughts.

Can’t people sit, for just 2 1/2 hours of their life, w/out consuming large beverages and greasy popcorn. Or Sour Patch Kids? Criminy sakes alive, people! I couldn’t believe all the piggies that were sitting around us! And it’s not that they were skinny asses, either. Nope. Quite plump, all of 'em. You’d think they’d try to just live off some of that excess bodyfat for the duration of the movie.

Trailers: WHY so many damn trailers? I have to admit, that new Farelly Brothers pic looked funny as hell. And total ugh: “League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”: yup, this one is gonna suck. Not the best trailer. Matrix: Reloaded, nice to see this one on the big screen. I have no doubt that this one is gonna be good. But, will it have the heart of X2? We shall see.

THEN, a thought hit me. This is the last year that geeks will be truly happy. THINK about it. X2, Matrix: Reloaded and then Revolutions, LoTR: Return of the King, Amazing Spider-Man, The Hulk. And then what? Star Wars? Yeah, riiiiiiight. Even though Lucas has stated that this next installment will be the darkest; someone should remind him that “dark” is more than turning the lights down - we need content. Oh well. I’m enjoying myself more than ever right now at the movies. Some goooood stuff. But, soon: what will we (geeks) have?

X2. Wow. That opening sequence at the White House was spectacular. I’ll just say this now: Alan Cummings is a revelation as Nightcrawler/Kurt Wagner. OHMYGAWD. Perfect casting. And WHO is that kid that is Piotr/Colussus? Whoa. EYE BUGGIN’ WHOA. And I spotted “Remy” (Gambit) as one of the names on the Muir Island list; as well as Hank McCoy on TV - two very small geek thrills. Ah, and the young, future, “New Mutants”: Jubilee, Siryn, Shadowcat.

Aaron Stanford as John/Pyro. Can’t say enough of this kid. 'Cept, watch out for him. He’s gooooood. As a matter of fact, George Lucas should be kicking himself right now, since this kid would have been perfect as Anakin - better than, “hey, I act no better than cardboard” Haden Christensen. And I’ll say this now: I can’t wait for the battle between he and Iceman. And when Iceman “ices up”. OHMYGAWD. You know it’s bound to happen in X3.

Halle Berry did a much better job as Storm. MINUS the annoying accent. The scenes between her and Nightcrawler had strong chemistry. Nice. Famke Janssen was just superior as Jean Grey (can’t wait for the “Dark Phoenix” in her to rise…). Rebecca Romijn-Stamos kicked butt as Mystique. There’s one very crowd pleasing scene of Mystique exiting a chamber. Ian McKellen, oily evil as Magneto. He’s soooo gooooood. Hugh Jackman. What else can be said? The “berserker” scene was comic book, dead-on perfect; However my favorite scene w/Wolverine was the one in the mansion’s kitchen with he and Iceman. Great moment.

FX and direction: both seamless. Singer handled this movie expertly and with much more confidence than the first. This was HIS movie this time. He also knew that people would want to SEE the action and so there was not alot of annoying fast edits. Much evident during the fight scene between Lady Deathstrike and Wolverine. Which was VERY brutal and amazing to watch.

Although Cyclopes/Scott didn’t have much to do, kudos to James Marsden for coming alive when it counted. I do NOW see him as Preacher. Can’t wait for that one, too.

Did this movie have the wonderment that was “Superman”? No. This was darker than that and the first X-Men. Superman still holds a “best super hero/comic book movie” in my book. X2 is right on it’s heels, though. X2 is also worthy of a second view. I’ll be seein’ it again before Matrix.

Just saw this one a few hours ago. I was jumpin’ all over the place in my damn seat I got so excited. Big huge congrats to Singer for the direction that he’s taking this series in. I also picked up on the tiny cameos Patricia mentioned - cool. Wonder if Jubilee will have a major part soon? Siryn and Kitty Pride (Shadowcat) still a bit too young…

Have to say the biggest excitement I got was the water scene at the end with the flames underneath…the Phoenix is coming!! Man that was so damn cool. I knew it was inevitable the first time I saw Famke’s eyes go red. Phoenix just flashed through my mind. I had NO clue it would be by the end of the movie though…hehe. I figured they’d wait a movie or two. I know in the book it took her a little longer to go over the edge like that (several years, in fact). I’m wondering if Singer is going to even delve into the complication that is Jean Grey and Scott Summers’ relationship and history(their son, Cable; Phoenix not really being Jean Grey, but an entity; etc.)…man, that book got complicated over the years.

Also thought Colossus was a bad mofo’. Look forward to seeing him play a much bigger part in the future.

And as always, Wolverine needs no props. He’s just that damn cool and Jackman is THE definitive bad ass in my book. I too thought the kitchen scene was amusing, Patricia. Great chemistry.

Well I’m done rambling on like the big comic dork that I am now.

I saw it on Friday…The theater had it running every 15 minutes…and it was a good thing too, because each show sold out. To be honest, I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised.

I agree with Patricia, Alan Cumming made a smashing Nightcrawler (my favorite). Magneto is played by Ian McKellan who, as always, exudes a calm confidence and the sort of stately demeanor that makes him so well suited for his role. As for Hugh Jackman (Wolverine): Not only is he funny, but he makes it seem effortless. Maybe this is a poor comparison but Jackman kind of reminds me of Clint Eastwood…with his deep, raspy voice, cocky smirk, and dont-fuck-with-me attitude.

I do wish the movie had a bit more character development, but I understand how it’s difficult with the time constraints. Most of the actors did do well with the screen time they were allotted. All in all, X2 was intense, funny, and entertaining…I absolutely loved it.

On a side note~ Watching the Matrix: Reloaded trailer was a total thrill. Looks like it’s gonna be one badass movie.

Patricia’s post reminded me of something I’ve been thinking for a while- Someone needs to “take out” George Lucas before he does anymore damage to his classic franchises. I swear he’s like the Caligula of movies- he has gone shit over the edge. The basic plot of the prequels has been known for years, and it had potential, but thanks to terrible screen plays, with the most arkward, cheesy and unnatural dialogue, not to mention atrocious casting all around and schitzophenic direction and editing, these movies just plain sucked. I have zero confidence in #3, and I’m scared shitless that the new Indy movie that has been rumoured for years will come and do yet more to destroy my childhood images. Lucas has all the money in the world, a massive preexisting fan base which would support innovation and creativity, and yet he takes no creative risks and instead seems to worry more about his goddamn pizza hut figurines than his movies. Arnold’s 80’s B action movies were better made and more interesting than these (as soon as I thought “B”, images of the classic “Running Man” went flooding through my mind :slight_smile: ). God damn that Lucas. The last one was slightly better (or less terrible) than the first one, but it had so much more potential. I hate Lucas. Kids growing up now, seeing these movies first, will never know how good the originals were. Bahhhhhhh!

Oh yeah, I’m seeing X2 tomorow :slight_smile:

It was an excellent movie. I basically mirror the thoughts of others. Opening scene kicked ass, Jackman is a reincarnation of Eastwood, that Colussus kid could have made a career 20 years ago when movies were centered around big, manly bodies, etc.

I also have something to add about Patricia’s rant. I understand if you feel like stuffing yourself like a pig at the movie theater (we all do it somewhere sometime), but why the hell can people not stop, even for a second, from stuffing their face. I hate the silences between trailers and before the movie starts where people just keep munching, smacking, and slurping. Maybe I worry about my manners too much, but damn, some people just sound like pigs.

Also, it was a big nerd movie. This is a big nerd summer. Groups of guys going to the theater together, not a girl in sight. Anybody ever seen the Triumph the Insulting Comic Dog Star Wars bit from Conan O’Brian? Can’t get that out of my head with all these movies coming out.

The opening scene with Nightcrawler in the White House was absolutely amazing. And like CC, when I saw the flames in Jean Grey’s eyes I instantly thought about the Phoenix. X3 is going to be so cool.

Overall I thought it was a great movie. My one disappointment was that they didn’t go into the history of Lady Deathstrike (Yuriko) at all.

This is the worst movie review ever done:

Tell me this guy’s parent company is at odds with whoever made the movie. This person either completely missed the point of the movie, or is a better propaganda person than the Iraqi information minister.

I have never gone to MSNBC for movie reviews, but damn, I didn’t know it could get this bad.

Just hope they won’t jump the shark if they bring back the Phoenix, sort of like Shwarzenegger did when he started icing the whole city in Batman whatsthenumber. Power is good. Too much (out of proportion) is bad. I just hope they keep the actual well-balanced formula. Well managed, you probably could do 20 films in a row (hey, it worked for James Bond!), and never get bored. Could be veeeeery cool!

Absolutely right, the movie kicked ass. But I will go against the grain a bit on one thing. Ian McKellan is classic as Magneto when dealing with humans, but his attitude towards the younger X-Men I wasn’t so sure of. In the books, Magneto struck me as completly driven in pursuit of his goal of a mutant-dominated world. I just don’t picture him as taking the time to condescend toward Rogue. His speech to Pyro was spot on though. Damn, now I’m going to have to go digging through my old issues to confirm my first impressions.

What about the choice of the RX-8? With that stable of cars, I’m still not sure why they took that one. Guess it was the only one they could get out.

I saw it at midnight the day of my graduation. I was sooooo exhausted, but it kept me up the entire time. I have to see it again, but in a farther away seat the next time. We sat in the 3rd row, cuz it was the only availables, and man, I can’t deal with the fast motion that close - makes me sick. Man, I can’t wait until next week though. Matrix 2, ah man, about to bust a nut.

Just got back from seeing it again, and I picked up a few little things that I missed the first time. Plus, I saw the preview for Charlie’s Angels. Damn. I thought I was going to need a private moment after watching Cameron Diaz shake her groove thing on stage.

Excellent movie. Better than the first.

The Matrix trailer - can you say adredaline rush!?!