X-Force vs 30-10-30 Rep Cadence Difference?

Dr. Darden,

when performing a set on xforce, they always reinforce a 3 sec positive, 1 sec pause and a 5 sec negative rep cadence

When performing a set using 30-10-30, it is recommended to use a 1 sec positive, 1 sec pause and a 2 sec negative rep cadence

If 30-10-30 is the closest method of training to using xforce equipment, why the difference in rep cadence between the two methods

Is this written anywhere in your bodyfat breakthru or killing fat books


If I recall it was to fit the 30 10 30 into 90 seconds? Scott

Scott is correct: 90 seconds was a goal.

Interestingly, I’d like to experiment with X-Force by reducing the normal resistance and then doing a set close to 30-10-30.


Yes indeed, that would be very interesting

My understanding is that the 30 second duration negatives were first proposed as an alternative to a shorter duration negative with true upload. In other words, it was an alternative to try if you didn’t have access to X-Force.

If you combined the extended duration of the eccentric with true upload, it would probably be too much on the eccentric side, hence the need to reduce the load. But then maybe the regular reps would be too light on the concentric??? I guess you’d just have to try it.