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X-Box Wireless Adapter Question

I have an X-Box Live account and I share wireless internet with the neighbors, but don’t have an ethernet port (it’s an old apartment). The internet requires a password to access, which I have. So I was wondering, does the password cause any problems with X-Box Live? and how would I connect wireless-ly? I don’t have the adapter yet, I’m holding that off until I get some responses here. Is the easiest way to test it to simply buy it, keep the receipt, try it out, and if it doesn’t work return it?


Think you already have your answer!

yes, I should have stated this before…

I don’t have a vehicle. so to call a cab or take the bus, w/e, I’d like to know before potentially wasting that time. lol

Buy a car first.

ok again, should have said this before, too lol:

I’m in college, and my car is not here because the weather is horrible here (iced roads 3/4 of the school year) and my car can’t handle the weather. anyone from northern MI will agree. lol

EG I could watch your avatar forever :stuck_out_tongue:

No, you enter the password to the router when you setup the wireless connection - it’s like hooking up a PC.

Go for it.