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X-BOX or PS2?

What do you guys think? Don’t know much about video games and have never had a system. I mostly like football games, etc. and first person shooters, army games, etc. Which one would everybody recommend??


[quote]apayne wrote:
What do you guys think? Don’t know much about video games and have never had a system. I mostly like football games, etc. and first person shooters, army games, etc. Which one would everybody recommend?[/quote]

I have a PS2 and probably won’t be buying an Xbox. People have their favorites, and many say that the Xbox has better graphics…but I like the games on the PS2 better (Grand Theft Auto San Andreas is the s’hit) and I like the control pad better. Either way, within the next two years, PS is releasing the PS3. I am sure Xbox will upgrade soon just to keep up pace. Bottom line is, if you like the controls, the graphics are not that much better on an Xbox and I do believe the PS2 has a greater range of games available.

I don’t usually ahve that much time to play video games but I got hooked on Tomb Raider when it first came out which is probably why I stuck with the PS2.

X-box hands down.
I’ve had one for several years and have liked it more than my experiences playing a PS2.
Some of the best games I’ve played are
Halo and Halo2(just released). They are 2 of the most popular games in the FPS genre out there. Halo2 made 125 million in it’s first 24 hours after it’s release date. That’s just plain crazy.
Halo2 is also only available for X-box but the original Halo is also available for PC.
Other great titles are Rainbox Six 3 and Rainbow Six 3: Black Arrow, Splinter Cell and Splinter Cell: Pandora Tommorow and Ghost Recon2 (also just released).
Those are all FPS genre titles but they are a crap load of games available. You might want to check out gamespy.com and xbox.com for individual game reviews.
Good luck.

I do like the controller on pS2 better. It also has the ability to play DVD’s with no extra stuff (if that’s something you need). Old Playstation games will play in it as well. I would say PS probably has the largest game library
Xbox does have better graphics, not always a huge difference, subtle sometimes, but it can make a difference. You can get better controllers than the standard ones, which do improve gameplay, but they’re still a little awkward. A big plus is that the Xbox has a hard drive, so you don’t have to buy any memory cards like with the PS2.

Bottom line, you’ll probably be happy no matter which one you go with. Which ever one you get, I would buy used. Like the Prof said, it won’t be too much longer until the next-generation consoles come out. Might as well save some cash.

To-Shin Do

Thanks for the input everybody. I had been leaning towards XBox and think that is the way I will go. I hadn’t really thought about a used system because the new ones are only $150 now. I guess I worry that I would have problems with a used one. Are they pretty reliable?


But -
Has anyone heard anything about a PS-3 coming out next year? I heard that it will blow everything else out of the water.

Yeah, the more popular mainstream shooters like Halo and the like are only on the XBox.
Aside from that the XBox is also supposed to be a more powerful machine than the PS2 in general.

I got a PS2, however, for two reasons:

  1. A lot of the games I play are exclusive to the PS2 (Mostly in the way of RPG’s)
  2. I Can’t STAND the XBox’s blasted controller.

Definitely go with the XBOX.

I bought one last April and haven’t turned on my PS2 since.

xbox only because its pretty easy to mod and you can just pop in a huge hard drive…bit torrent all the games never spend a dime again :slight_smile:

I prefer the PS2 because gameplay seems to be better and they have more games. Either one will be fun. Prof X is right though, San Andreas is a lot of fun. Forget about buying a used system. I think it’s well worth the extra $20 to buy a new system that no one has messed with or has been repaired. I’m hearing the PS3 is coming out within a year, but these release dates always get pushed back so I wouldn’t hold my breath.

sagomed wrote:
xbox only because its pretty easy to mod and you can just pop in a huge hard drive…bit torrent all the games never spend a dime again :slight_smile:

What does that mean, specifically “bit torrent”?

Bit torrent is a P2P file sharing system. You can download a lot of games, movies, etc. I have my XBox modded so that it has a 160GB drive (plenty of room for every game I want), and it also has emulators and ROMs from all the old systems (atari, sega genesis, super nintendo, nintendo) so that I can play the old games if I want to. Further, using the xbox media center I can stream DivX movies, mp3s, etc. that I’ve downloaded… off of the network and through my xbox to the TV!

I love my xbox.

Thanks nep. Where could I find out about some of this stuff? I went on the xbox website yesterday and checked it out briefly. What are some good sites, etc. I could read. I have a cable modem at my house, so I imagine I could do all the stuff you mentioned.

Xbox = Halo 2 = Buy Xbox

I got to open a birthday present early, and…

EA Sports NCAA 2005!!!

I know HALO 2 is the bomb, but…EA Sports NCAA 2005!!!

And we’re finally getting DSL in this jerkwater town - so I get to play XBox Live next week as well.

Does it get any better than this?

apayne: forums.xbox-scene.com.
They have lots of good articles. If you don’t want to mod the box yourself, I can recommend a guy who mods them and puts games on them for you. PM me for details.

Check out www.suprnova.org for games, etc. from bittorrent.

Thanks Nep. RJ, my system came with NCAA 2005 and it does indeed rock. You can even make your own signs for the fans to hold up. I can play my alma mater, FAU, against any other team, IA or IIA. Too bad my team sucks but it’s still cool. Hoping to get some more games for christmas.

XBox without a doubt, at least for me. Actually, I like the XBox controller quite a bit and find it a lot easier to use than the PS2’s controller. The s-controller is a smaller XBox controller that most people use now, so I do not know if those PS2 fans who are complaining about the XBox controller only used the larger one that came out with the first editions of the XBox.

The graphics and chipset of the XBox are more powerful and XBox Live is fantastic, regardless of whether you prefer shooters or sports games… but if you like shooters, Halo 2 is the best and it’s XBox only.

I think the tide has shifted towards XBox in the last year or so with the games coming out and the better development for the system. Of course, I am going to be more biased on this point anyway. Have you gotten to try out many games on both systems? Games like Halo 2 have caused more than a few people I know who own PS2s to go out and buy the XBox.


Also, get the wireless controllers. I particularly like the AirFlo controllers that cool your hands while you play… they’re multichannel so that you can use up to eight wireless pads simultaneously.