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X-box or PS2?


I'm thinking of getting either one but not sure which one I want. I like Xbox but not sure I like the controller and I've played PS1 for so long I'm used to that system. I've heard Xbox is better but what do you guys think.


Get them both. Or, if you dig the RPG style games more, go PS2. If you dig, uh... well I'm not really sure what the XBOX's genre claim to fame is. Halo was supposed to have been good, but I havn't heard much else about the title selection.




I have both. There are ups and downs to both. PS2 has more game selection, but buying memory cards for saving games can be a pain. Xbox has much better graphics, but the game selection is limited. Halo was excellent. Socom for PS2 was excellent too.

I say go with Xbox. For functionality purposes, it's much easier to work with.


X has more power, but power is not everything; look how PS kicked N64's ass for years. Developers are the key and PS2 has'em


Definitely go with xbox. Xbox has better games and better hardware. Plus you don't have to buy all the extras that the ps2 rips you off with (memory cards, ethernet card, etc). The only advantage I would give to PS2 is the amount of RPG's compared to the xbox.



the best games are on PS2, by a WIDE margin.


Don't listen to these damn liberal X-boxers. Graphics do not a good console make!

It really does depend on what you like though, if you like story driven games then PS2 would be your best bet.


Lol at the PS2 fanboys. Xbox is more than just superior graphics. PS2 has more RPG's so if you like RPG's then get a PS2. PS2 has more total games but the xbox has a higher number of good games. Plus the best version of every game will always be on the xbox unless it is a PS2 port. Then the games will be very similar.


It's all about Vice City. Cruise around on a motorcycle and create all the chaos you can handle. Go with the PS-duece.


I'll destroy anyone in Madden 2004 or NCAA 2004 for PS2.

Long live the nerds


Thanks guys I'm still not decided. I guess I see which games I want and go from there. I'm more into the sports games overall but RPGs are fun too. For the guys that have both which controller is better. Thats what you come in contact with so that is a big deal. I'm not as concerned with graphics.


I would suggest renting a PS2 for a few days and then renting an Xbox for a few days. Also GTA and Grand turismo are supposed to be coming to xbox.


i have a game cube a ps2 and an xbox, they all have their own qualitys but out of them all ,ps2 sucks the most. I have 10 times as many games on my xbox than on my ps2.


I like the xbox controller better. Sometimes, the black and white buttons get to be a little far away, but you rarely use them. The thing I don't like about the PS2 controller are the R1, R2, L1, L2. I always get those bitches confused. I also like the directional pads on the xbox controller better


molsonman, its called loyalty. :slight_smile:


ok dealing with the ps2 and the x box...i've always been a ps2 fan for the longest time, however my stupid ps2 hardly works anymore do to i think the hard drive...ps2 has more games and i would realy have to say that vice city kicks major a$$. but x-box has realy good games them selves and yes there graphics are better. i never realy thought soo until i started to play tiger woods golf 2003 on x-box. when i went to my friends house i thought that they were watching golf, the graphics were that good...controler wise i think that ps2 has it hands down but that might just because i had ps first and was already used to the sqaure, x, o, and triangle. but i realy think they are alot easier to use...just my 02.


I have both and they both have their ups and the PS2 has downs. I really like the Xbox better. The only thing that the PS2 has, and the xbox doesn't, that is a necessity is GTA III and VC. Other than that I could care less about the PS2.
If its a controller issue, you can buy adapters for the xbox so that you can use your ps2 controller. After using the xbox controller for awhile, I like it better and I use it for my ps2 games :smiley:


I've got an idea, how about you stop worrying about spending your time playing video games and get your fat ass to the gym!

Bring it Renegade!

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wow, icarus i didn't know that you could do that with the controllers, thats cool...another good thing about x box is that when they upgade all you have to by is a chip to make it x box too if ps2 makes a new one it will be a whole new system...