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X-Box 360


How many of you going to get the new X-Box? Didn't realize the hype for this thing. People lined up for the last few days waiting for the thing to go on sale. 400 bucks for the damn machine. Was going to buy one but damn it, I rather use my time training.




I picked mine up last night at Meijers, i was lucky enough to win a drawing to be able to buy the xbox. Only 6 out of 150 people ended up with a premium.


And I'm wondering how many of those xboxes that were bought last night are on Ebay right now for a grand.


Personally I'm waiting for a PS3, but even then I won't be buying it right out of the gate. It usually takes a full year before game developers start to figure out how to program for the current machine. The games that come out for the launch usually aren't very good, especially compared to those games that have had more time in development.

I'm still mad that games are $60 for the new systems.


Well, wonder no more. There are hundreds of them selling on ebay... and some of the prices are like $1200.


Wow... that's just insane. I plan on getting one, but the idea of paying an $800 premium in order to get one NOW as opposed to waiting for more to be in stock is idiotic.


Dude, try $3,350.


Why, why, Sweet Mother of Pearl, why would somebody pay that much?


That's just stupid.

On a similar note, however, Bill Gates is one rich son of a bitch. I personally would simply buy the entire world and rent out countries along with a security deposit.


I feel stupid for not getting in line to get one. I never imagined people are dumb enough to shell out that kind of money for one.


Are these shortages real? Are they the result of pushing hard to make the christmas retail season without adequate stock or are they well orchestrated and executed publicity stunts that lead to free advertising on the 6 o'clock news?

The shortages and overnight line-ups remind me of the the people that the movie studios pay to start the overnight line-ups at all of the cult sci-fi movies.

How many times have you seen news clips of geeks in full costume fighting with pretend lightsabers camping out for a new star wars movie?




Damn, just got on ebay and saw one for 5100 dollars. There are over 30 bids on it.


I seriously doubt they are actually short on stock. You pretend to be short on supply and you increase the damand. A lot of people are about to get even richer.


Just wait until January and pay the $400. Are you really willing to pay $400 for one more month with the thing? Use the $400 to go out somewhere every night or something.


That Bill Gates line had me rolling!



Look at some of those prices. To think, I knew where to get one of those things early tuesday morning and I passed it up figuring if I want one Ill get it later after the price comes down. I never considered what an investment it could have been.

I guess I shouldnt underestimate the stupidity of the general population ever again.

Not to read too deep into this, but in some ways it is actually a very sad commentary on our society.


I really wouldn't take too many of those Ebay postings seriously. If I read correctly, somebody is trying to sell one for $100,000? Give me a break.

I'd venture a guess that a huge majority of both the sellers and bidders are people just screwing around, or a kid who has no idea how much he is bidding on something, and has no inention or ability to actually pay.

It was one thing when parents were buying those Tickle-Me-Elmos for like $300, but no parent is going to spend $3,000-10,000 on a video game system that will not be in a shortage in a couple months, and therefore will be available at a normal store price.

I am in no rush to buy my 360, from what I remember from the first Xbox, several improvements were made and glitches fixed as they continued to release the system, as opposed to the first wave that was released.



There's simply no way these shortages are real or will be long-lasting. Microsoft has publically stated they are projecting 3 million XBox 360s sold within the first 3 months of sale. The biggest percentages of sales would [i]have[/i] to during the Christmas season. Maybe 1.5 to 2 million worth? There is no way that anyone who does not have a little patience or even puts down a deposit to buy the next ones coming in cannot get one before Christmas.


But "logical" doesn't define the herd mentality of our society.

The "I want it know daddy" mentality says if I have the money and it will shut my kid up I will get it. I would bet even money that people on ebay are selling those units for 1k+ to people that just a.) don't care about money, or b.) just gotta get one now for their kids. Either way both a and b are idiots.

People will get one if they want it but who cares if you wait until Jan? Jeebas people are stupid,


Actually, I believe the shortages to be real. If you go to ebgames.com or gamestop.com, they both mention that it won't ship until 2006. I don't know about other sites like Amazon or Target, but I assume the same to be true. Quite simply, it's a case of demand exceeding supply (which should make Microsoft very happy).

Also, fyi, there's some amusing stories about XBox 360 to be found here, in addition to the ebay craziness.