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X-21: I Explained That These Were "Experimental" Tires

Day 2 Week 3 Block 2

Jump squat 50kg 6x5
Plyo push up 6x5
Depth jump 6x5
KB swing 28kg 2x100
Pull up 6x5

that was plenty but I appreciated the post workout cardio high. like a GIRL.

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Day 3 Week 3 Block 2

Back squat 140kg 6x3 // did this as 6s and did too many
Push press 70kg 6x3
SGHP 70kg 6x3
TBDL 125kg 6x3

friday: unusually heavy dance class.

cool moment: a bunch of teen girls are LIFTING heavy weights. hip thrusts. squats. DB one-arm presses.

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Day 4 Week 3 Block 2

Jump squat 50kg 6x3 // thought I’d do 3x6 and did 4x6.
Plyo push-ups 6x3
Depth jumps 6x3
KB swings 28kg 2x100
Chin ups 3x6

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Day 1 Week 4 Block 2

Squat 180kg 4x3
Bench 100kg 4x3
165kg 3x3, 1x, FAIL // not sure what went wrong
Chin up 4x3 // did them as one big set

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So looking at the log, the big TBDL set last week was 3x165kg.

Which explains why I bombed out at 175kg. Yeah, yeah, just pull 12 reps of 10kg PR.

What went wrong was that last week’s deadlift achievement was 165kg for 3. No idea why I thought I was going to pull a 10kg PR for reps just like that.

Ya played yourself

I’ve been away. walking up some hills among other things. back in ballet class on Friday. Today, 12 noon class and then off to conditioning for day 2 week 4 block 2.

6x5 jump squat 50kg
6x5 plyo pushup
6x5 depth jump
2x100 28kg KB swing
6x5 pull up

gym is beginning to refill with lifters, nice.

also I just bought a new gaiter mask to replace the one that looked after me since June 2020. Czech manufacturer Respilon does them with nano-scale blown fibre filters, so not only can you wash and reuse them, the filtration is good enough to snag almost all the world’s viruses, especially including the one we care about as it’s a big corona waterbuffalo rather than a lithe rhinovirus varbie. they use the same filter material in their FFP2 certified stuff:

3x ballet last week. today:

Squats 6x3 160kg
Push Press 6x3 65kg
SGHP 6x3 70kg
TBDL 6x3 125kg

Next trip will just be a conditioning hit before BLOCK THREE.

Day 1 - work up to 3RM on squat, bench, dead, chin
Day 2 - circuit of 4x12 reps on front squat, push press, sghp, db row // good god
Day 3 - awesome conditioning day:

Jump squat 4x5 20% 1RM, 1 mins rest
Speed back squat 4x5 60% 1RM
Push press 4x5 75% 1RM
? Push press throw 4x5 10-15lb
Split squat jump 4x5 10% 1RM
Speed deadlift 4x5 60%

Day 4 - 45 mins of conditioning of some form

Trapbar deadlift 3x125kg, 3x135kg, 3x145kg, 3x155kg, 3x165kg.
Chin-up 6x3 bodyweight
Squat 3x140kg, 3x160kg, 3x180kg
Bench 3x60, 3x80, 3x90 // nearly dropped this - went up at an angle and spent a while holding it at half rep admiring the problem before manning-up and racking it. would have liked more.

(ps Tuesday and Wednesday were dance days)


so this is one of Thibs’ savage circuit things. 12 reps of front squats, push presses, SGHPs, and DB rows.

90kg front squat
60kg pp & hp
30kg DB

This is some kind of perverted trick to make me do cardio, you monster. Especially in a mask