Check this site out. It has tests for everything in the world! IQ, relationships, lucky numbers, what type of dog you would be, are you a sex god!!! Fun site!!! It would be cool to see what everyone is! My results included the following: I was a St. Bernard, my theme song was Back in Black, IQ = 127, 7 is my lucky number, my superpower is animal communication, I am a Jeep cherokee, and I am Zeus God of thunder in bed!!!

I’d like to recommend thespark.com. I’ve forgotten what all my stats are but I guess I’ll get to waste a little more time today by retaking all the quizes.

I’m a Golden Retriever, my IQ is 124, my theme song is Born to be Wild, my sexual personality is Chi, my superpower is Super Speed, and my lucky number is Three.

Karma – have you read the articles that are archived at the Spark? Some of the funniest shit I’ve ever seen – Especially “Bodyshaping with Christian,” “How to lose a fight so the other guy goes to jail,” and “The stinky feet project”

Zev, Yeah, I used to follow the Fat Project with keen interest. Stinky Feet was only topped by Stinky Meat. THAT was gross! Maybe we can convince TC and Chris to run a similar project, but in reverse, and provide the satrical commentary to go along. BTW, I just found my scores on several of the Spark’s more interesting quizes, ready?

Personality Test: Politician = Dominant, Extroverted, Abstract Thinker.

Un-Intelligent Test: 87%. Average of 4.79 million test takers = 60%.

Purity Test: 16% Pure. 98% are MORE pure than I.

Bitch Test: 66% Bitch. 97% are LESS bitchy than I.

Slut Test: 84% Slut. 97% are LESS slutty than I.

And that’s just for starters. :wink: Wonder what emode has to say.

I’m a Collie, Visual Mathematician, a movie star & like Type 6 girls.

IQ 131, Scottish Terrier, Superpower is Superspeed and perfect car is station wagon (Subaru outback etc).

IQ 135, “Visionary Philosopher”.

I stopped there…

Hey, I turned up very similar results. I was 138 and was deemed a Visionary Philosopher. What I found irritating was that I found the exam very easy. There was only one question I was not sure about. All others, I could tell you exactly why I was choosing the answer. Perhaps how quickly one finished the test was weighted? I dunno. I expected a higher score, when it seemed like I only missed one or two questions.

Yo, Hyok, it’s been a while! Yeah, I wasn’t too sure about whether the test was timed or not, either. Anyway, given what I know about you from all the posts over the years, our getting similar results doesn’t really surprise me. Maybe your extra three points was from finishing slightly faster than I did. (It couldn’t possibly have been because you’re smarter than I am… :slight_smile: ) It’d be interesting to take the test again, now knowing what to expect, finishing it faster and seeing if the score changes…

…but I probably won’t. Later on, bro.

Go to TheSpark.com and try the Death Test. This test predicts when you’re going to die, and what of. Creepy, but fun. I’m supposed to die at age 72. #1 most likely cause of death is heart disease, and #2 was death by autofellatio (very unlikely I assure you).

Some other tests: I’m attracted to Type 2 women sexually. I’m a Labrador at work. I’m an SUV. My teen celebrity match is Jessica Alba (Dark Angel) - oh hell yeah! She’s hot! My celebrity date is Britney Spears. My monster match is the Devil. My other horoscope sign is a Scorpio.

According to TheSpark, I’ll die at 85 with the most likely cause being cancer with my number two cause being electrolysis. I’ll be worth a million dollars when I’m 41. My inner child is perverse.

IQ - 136, Visual Mathematician; Ideal sexual partner is a type 10, and I am a Great Dane.

IQ - 135…Insightful Linguist

Pretty interesting stuff overall.

Hyok mentioned earlier that the time you take to complete the test might be take into account. I don’t think it is. I know the practice test on mensa’s website allots you 30 minutes to finish it, but it doesn’t take into account how fast you finish because of bandwith and processing times. On the emode test, I got a 138 while taking it here at work, so it took forever. (Do a question, minimize when someone walks in, etc.) Kind of funny, though, because on a lot of the questions, you know what they think the correct answer is, but a strong case could be made for some of the other options as well, especially if one were being a bit of a smartass.

Didn’t you guys think there were a few sketchy questions on the IQ test. There was one question that my co-workers and I thought was wrong, or at least the answers were wrong. The question stated, " what is the next number in this sequence?" 64,16,4,1… each number is obviously being divided by 4, making the answer or the next number in the sequence 1/4 or .25, however the answers only included 1/16, 1/8, 1/2, and 1. Is there another answer? There were a couple other questions that didn’t quite seem right. I guess that’s why I only scored 127!!! What did you guys think?

Actually, the sequence is 64,16,4,1,1/4…so now you’ll plainly see that 1/16 is correct.

An IQ test doesn’t include time as a factor. Only cumulative tests do that. Also, in some cases there is more than one correct answer for an IQ test. One of the things it does is give the test reviewer an “idea”, no pun intended, of how your mind works. So that’s why an IQ test seems so easy sometimes. It’s not ment to be hard in most cases. Just challenging enough to see how your mind goes about deciphering the material, which is correlated with a particular answer. Oh yeah, one more little cool bit of info. A person may have a relatively high IQ but not have a great working knowledge. People with lower IQ’s have scored higher on cumulative tests, such as the ACT and SAT, than their higher IQ’d peers for years. Environment and personal discipline all must be considered to determine ones true mental wealth. Although some would argue that any written test could never attempt to complete this feat.

Off the subject, but I think so many people could easily increase their SAT scores. It kills me that people don’t take it seriously. If you’re a decent student in school with an average intellect, you can do yourself wonders by focusing on a simple 3 hour test. It opens so many doors. I’m not saying a word about what it assesses about a student, just that bumping a kid’s score from the 1100-1200 range to the 1400-1500 range isn’t too much of a strecth, and it would gain them so much as far as college admissions. Occsionally it’ll backfire (“what’s this kid with a 1500 doing with a 2.1 gps” - then they know you’re a slacker), but most of the time it’ll help tremendously.

IQ=129, Creative and analytical,Politician, Great Dane, sports car (never happening), and “Born to be Wild”