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Hey Guys,

Some of you might have caught Xen Nova mention Joel Jamieson before,in case you don’t know he’s worked with Rich Franklin,Mach Sakurai etc. I pre-ordered his book (Back in April…lol) and thanks to canadian customs it finally has arrived.

I have yet to thoroughly study the material but i will tell you this,if you thought you had any idea about conditioning or energy systems, Joel will show you he knows a little more than you do…lol. I can’t recommend enough you guys pick up the book or at least head over to his site and check out the forums,Joel responds regularly and his stuff is eye opening to say the least. And for those who think the free articles on his site explain his entire training system…they don’t :slight_smile:

His material takes into consideration the total volume of work a fighter or anybody who engages in high level sports or just is flat out busy goes through, and always puts skill training first, so his system is adaptable.

Plus he gives great deals on Polar RS 100 monitors and he responds personally to e-mails if you have questions,check it out guys.

My question would be how he has helped Franklin move up a weight class while retaining his epic conditioning. Does that book explain that?

I second the OP’S opinion, that is a great book.

the Site is actually pretty good, he has an interesting method.