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Good luck to you Dre. It’s hard to judge a girl based on a couple of posts. I hope she’s a winner. Just, keep an eye out for a pattern of deception, and if you see one, get out early.

Hey, this girl calls after you only slightly blew her off. You respected the boyfriend thing, she does not. She is probably bored in her relationship, either with her sex life or the person. She also seems to like to walk that fine line of safety. IMO, she may be a nice person, but one always has to think, if she is doing this with me-how many others would she do it with? Also, it does need to be said that the girls real and emotional age has not been mentioned by you. As a guy and one that loves to tag- she is being upfront with you and you should be with her- tell her you know she is in a relationship and that what she does is up to you, but as of right now, until she proves herself to you- she can only be a f*ck friend.

I agree with the ‘have her be single for a while’ thought. If she’s bored (or whatever) in her current relationship then she should end it and move on - and after a period of time - if that means moving on to you, fine. But if it’s a “grass is greener” thing than you had better watch your back the entire time you’re together because her eye will wander again.

I would simply just tell her to break up with her boyfriend or else you don’t want to get involved with her. I was in a relationship and I started doing just friendly stuff with another girl. I could tell there was a real connection with the other girl so I asked her if she wanted to go out. She said what about your girlfriend, and I told her I just broke up with her. I broke up with my girlfriend that same day and went out with the other girl a few days later. I wasn’t happy with my relationship so the break up needed to be done. Break-ups are always damn hard, so I felt bad about it, but it needed to be done. Maybe this girl is in the same position and you may just be a great thing for her. The other girl and I ended up going out for a year before she had to move away for work. If she doesn’t want to break up with her boyfriend just tell her your not interested, keep it simple. Unless she is incredibly hot, don’t just fuck her behind the other guy’s back. A real T-man could always find another girl to bone, so just tell her to break up with her old boyfriend and I think everything will be fine. Hope this helps Dre.

Epilogue … Im turning the page on this one but Ill close out the picture for anyone interested. This girls man is probably a nice guy but is a little reckless and had a bad “motor” accident that pulled nerves from his spine and left him without use of one arm. I honestly feel for the guy and I dont know him. He is waiting for compensation and doesnt work so she supports him. They are both 23 and shes in a spot cause she cant really leave him in a lurch which is good. She isnt a ho in terms of male partners and she ha never had sex with anyone else during this relationship (and she gets alot of offers/flowers etc ) but I really have too many doubts aboutn her character - one example … a few people said hi on the one occasion this week I hung out with her. I said “what if your man finds out” and she said “what, you think he might beat you up, he only has one arm”. The comments just seemed so beneath her and it was one of the lowest things I think ive ever heard. Separately and luckily I caught up with someone else that I like more and is single. Now deleting her celly no.

DAYUM! G’s up, Ho’s down! Let’s go over a few things. She may just be good for sex. She may play you like she has played her man. Or she may turn out to be a good one. But you never know. One thing I’ve learned is that most women can’t be trusted. I’ve seen many “good girls” have a few drinks and then cheat on their boyfriends/husbands. And I’ve seen this a lot. So you might have yourself one of them. So you got some choices. Just use her and abuse her and play her like she plays you and her other man. Or keep her around if things work out well.

But I'll leave you with three important rules in life. Rule 1: Don't mess with another man's food. Rule 2: Don't mess with another man's car. Rule 3: Don't mess with another man's women. Those are three important rules you should always remember.

Spencer, you’re from Holland? I grew up there, on 15th street. My parents still live there. Small world. Do you go to Holland, West Ottawa, Holland Christian???