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I need help from my t brothers on this “hypothetical” situation - tman meets girl … tman and girl see each other twice and hit it off and express interest in “something” more … girl tells tman she has a boyfriend of 3 years but tman never knew the guy … tman backs off and girl keeps ringing daily for 10-30 mins … tman gets and invitation and posts this and then leaves work early to meet at her house and hang out until her man finishes work at 11pm. Like my man Nate Dogg said “DAYUM”. What would a real tman do … Would he keep seeing her? Would he kiss her? Go the finger bang ;)? Go all the way once as a mutual test drive or as many times as he could for the heck of it or to make her his?

A real T-Man would be true to himself, to start with.

Another way to look at it, what if she was your girl, and you were that guy?

If I were in your shoes, I would advise her that you are only willing to see her if she is not with another man. That way nobody gets hurt. Alternatively, you risk hurting lots of people. Including yourself.

…on the other hand, my little fella says that acting morally leads to a lost opporunity for a workout!

DRE, use your head dog (no not that one). Ok let’s break this down. If you are looking for a long term girl remember “YOU CAN’T MAKE A HO A HOUSE WIFE”. She is a ho. Plain and simple. She is supposedly involved with a boyfriend. What the fuck makes you think she will do you any different than the way she is doing the chump she is with now. This is not the first post like this from you DRE I would assume you have low self esteme and most likely an insecurity problem get counseling or at least put some work into yourself. It would do you some good to get another perspective. Not one from your friends that tells you what you want to hear but the truth from a professional. Just a though. I do not mean to spank you down I am just calling it like I see it from here. She is bad news move on she will break your heart and it will be your damn fault as you know she is a cheater. Good luck though. Let us know what you do. If you are just looking for a fuck then go ahead if the boyfriend is not one of your dogs you are technically doing no wrong she is the one in the commitment.

Depends what you want out of it Dre. I would not expect this chick to be long-term commitment material, more like hazmat. Still, if you simply want the Fingerbang (Timmay!! Libbilow Libbilow, Timmay!) I’d say she’s an excellent candidate. It’s up to her whether or not she’s seeing wang’s ohter than her boyfriend’s, and he’s either aware of it and doesen’t really care, completely oblivious, or so pathetically involved with her that he’d let her bang his father on his couch while he was forced to cook his own microwave dinner. So Dre, see what you can negotiate in this here endeavor. And listen, you asked WWTMD…he’d take pictures. Lata.

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just an off note… i live in holland michigan where the wwjd came from… just thought id share that

Of course the guy might just come home a bit early and beat the sheet outta you, And, quite frankly, you would deserve it. Leave the ho alone for your own betterment.

I agree with the other guys. Bad situation man! Rule number two in life is: " You’re not that special." Bad idea for a long term gal, worse if the sig other likes guns and has a bad temper. Plenty of other fish in the sea.

Too many girls I know have pulled that type of stuff. One girl, actually my best friend since 12 (though we have taken different paths) could screw men over and they would never see it coming. She’d bat her big beautiful eyes and suddenly the guy would believe that everything she did was someone else’s fault. I’ve seen her hurt too many people - I’d run like hell if I were you. As for never turning a “ho” into a housewife, I tend to believe it, but we shall see. She just got married and SEEMS to really be in love. We’ll see.

The Whopper saying “If she ain’t taken, she ain’t worth taking” From what I read of this girl, she ain’t a ho…she is a girl who has a boyfriend, and was honest and upfront about it…but wants to see you. How many of you hypocritical T-bros were single when you met whoever you are with? Probably not many. Usually you find someone else when you are with someone. You get to know the person, then you drop the bomb on your current beau. So far she hasnt slept with ya Dre…or even kissed you it seems, so I really can’t say she is bein a ho. She is just testing the waters. However if you do want to get involved with her, I do recommend strongly that you tell her she has to break it off with her current guy. If she doesnt want to do that…then she is a ho…and act accordingly.

I’ve said it once before, i’ll say it again: Girls like that are a dime a dozen… hold out for a better one… PJ

I’m with ironbabe. Girls that even consider doing that do not desirve your time. But then again that is up to you. I have already been down that same road a few times and now that i am a little older (on like 2 years older, but hell its older) and wiser i would not do it again. Sure, if it is a little Poot your looking for, go for it, but i have a feeling that it is more than that if you took the time to post the question. But it is up to you, and remember the worst that can happen to you is you learn something from it…i know i did.

Blow your load on his side of the bed and let it dry. That way the fool has to sleep in your lovebutter. It’ll be your own personal joke. It always cracks me up!

She wants and affair, give her one. But don’t mess around at her place, thats a good way to get your ass shot off. As for a “real” relationship, forget it bro. outlaw.

Many thanks for the advice guys (although I think you might have judged me wrong KD and dont really need to go so heavy). To clarify - I would never be get involved with a girl in a relationship. I went for a 6 mile run with her last night and to dinner where she said she wants to leave her man for me if I like her. I told her I probably did like her but didnt want a bar of it until she had been single for a while (otherwise shes the proverbial orangutang not letting go of a branch until she grabs another one) and more or less alot of the stuff that was said above. Whopper really has something on this issue though cause shes really genuine, never cheated on her man, and told me she had only had 3 partners in her life. My feeling is that its all too hard but thanks again for the support guys.

OK, lets get serious here guys. Whopper is totally right. She is not a fucking ho for wanting DRE as opposed to her boyfriend. The guy she is with is probably an ass anyway. Dre, go for the girl man, just tell her to dump that old guy and keep it on the dl (down low). They are in high school, stuff like this happens there. If she can run 6 miles than she prolly looks good. If you really like her than that is reason enough to just go for it. Unless of course her OLD boyfriend was a murderer locked up and psycologically deranged…then i would advise letting go for your own safety. Oh, and make sure the other guy isn’t bigger than you haha. :wink:

Dre, I wouldnt dismiss it as not worth the effort that quickly. You are about the same age as me, and if she has had that few sexual partners, was honest and upfront, and had been faithful to her man before you…I say she IS worth the effort…I think you got a good one there…but that is just me. I wouldnt worry too much about the fact that she is jumping from one relationship to the other…to me there is not too much wrong with that…but then again, I have been one who was usually guilty of doing that…so who am I to say?

Before you do anything ask yourself, “what would jesus do?” just kidding, I always get a kick out of that. simple, if she’s hot and you can take her boyfriend go for it. but remember he WILL come after you( if not this one, one will if you keep doing it ) when he does if you cant take him be a man and take your beating. don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time

Keep in mind that she’s an absolute raging whore, treat her like a whore, continue to remember that she was a whore when you met her and she will also be a whore, and watch your back for her “buddy”. Other than, get in where you fit in and go have some fun!

Had to respond to this one. First of all, Avoids Roids, you said that her man could catch you and then kick his ass and he would deserve the ass kicking. Not true, she is just as much to blame as DRE is. I was in a 4 year relationship and I got cheated on. I wanted to kill this guy, bloody him into a pulp. Not just because he was a pencil neck band guy but because he messed around with my woman. That cheating really fucked me up for a long time but the more I thought about it ( a few years) I realized that she was just as much to blame if not more. He had some chick throwing herself at him and he took it. To be honest I would have done the same thing. As much as I hated hearing this dumb saying it’s true, “It takes two to tango.”

As for her, Why is she a whore? She doesn't have a ring on her finger. Can every man and woman out there say that when they were in long term relationship there were times when you wondered what else is out there and are you just sitting in a comfort zone or are you still truly in love. Are you a bad person for wondering what else is out there, no. Are you bad for actually acting upon it, no. I could understand if there were a ring involved but shit, hardbreak is a part of life. If fucked me up so bad years back I didn't eat for a few weeks. This is the part where I admit my balls at some point would shrivel up and estrogen has flown threw my body. I would get dragged to chick flicks all the time with my girlfriend. I specifically remember going to watch Hope Floats. Typical lovely dovey shit but there is something that I took away from that movie, a simple simple quote. "People in love everyday, people fall out of love everyday." I don't think she's a whore I just think that she's gotten bored.

This is the last part of my rant. As for timing, it's bullshit. That girl I dated for 4 years, we fucked, no love making, the first night we really went out. It developed and we stayed together. There have been many of girls that I had one nighters with and never want to see them again. My parents knew each other 3 months and have now been married for 35 years. Two of my friends knew each other since grade school, got married and are divorced in under two years. Sorry to vent so fucking long, but I end it with a quote from my brother when toasting my other brothers wedding. "Love, is the most beautiful yet most bizzare and irrational human emotion, but if it works, it works."