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Here’s the situation, and I would greatly appreciate it if anyone with any kind of experience could help me with this.

I work for a very large corporation and the other day, stapled to the paychecks was a memo from the general manager concerning their Non-Harasment Policy and Policy Against Sexual Harassment. It started off like most communications regarding that subject do. " We will not tolerate harassment, including unwelcome physical or verbal behavior, comments or conduct related to a persons race, color, creed, etc…" then it goes on and gives some VERY graphic examples of racial, ethnic, age based and sexual orientation slurs that I will not repeat here as we all know what slurs are.

This is very offensive to me, as crude of a person as I am. But what about the immigrants that work there that can barely speak English much less read it and take it home for their 8 year old kid to read to them!!

Also the person that put this out is the G.M. so it’s not like I can complain to anyone in the Phoenix branch. How far do I want to take this as Arizona is a right to work state and one can get fired for no reason at any time?
Thanks in advance for your help.

My advice is to relax and blow it off. Who cares, anyway. It’s only words. Don’t waste your time or risk your job over something as meaningless as this. As for the immigrants you mention, I assume they are grown adults in their own right. I think you’re offending them more by assuming they couldn’t handle reading a couple of slurs. Find something more worthwhile to worry yourself with.