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What would Tom (Cruise) Do?

Tom Cruise stays cool after getting sprayed in the face. I bet that kid felt like shit afterwards. Have a look.


*This is old, but I had never seen the whole clip before.


"you're a jerk.... you're a jerk."

What does he not listen to himself?


Say no to Tom Cruise! Ask TC.


Haha I would have loved it if that bloke sprayed him in the face a second time, when tom was going "your a jerk" e.t.c.


Ok, nevermind the fact that Tom Cruise is nuts, the way he handeled the situation was badass.

Say No to "Yeah, but TC says..."


What? That guy should have sprayed Russell Crowe instead. That would have been funny. Are you implying that i cannot form my own opinion? I was merely pointing out the fact that this has been discussed before and there is an overwhelming view of the guy.


Cruise may be a nutjob, but he did handle that situation almost perfectly. I would have said perfectly if he replaced "jerk" with "assclown" . . . and of course replaced "a" with "an" so it wouldn't sound strange.


He should have had a spray gun concealed in his jacket and blasted the fucker back.

Then, and only then, would I have been willing to partially get over his couch jumping and scientology bullshit... maybe.


Drats! My Anti Anti-Tom Cruise plan has been foiled, for now. Must find more proof before the children of Xenu eat your brains. You must believe! There's only one other way to prevent your doom, and only I know the answer.

For $49.99 I will provide you with the anti brain eating device, given to me by the Holy One himself, Steven Spielberg.
PM if interested.


Wow. He made that poor guy feel like shit over a little bit of water. What an asshole.


Yeah Tom would have been much more manly if he had've gently rubbed the wetness all over his face and then sucking the slick water off his finger before thanking the young man in the only way one can, reciprocity.........


LOL! Ya, how inconsiderate of him.


I just wanted to remind everyone:


Yes, why the hell did Goose have to die?


Top Gun was great
The Firm was great
The Last Samurai was a cool
Collateral, how could you not like him in that!?

There are a lot more movies that I haven't seen.

If you know anything about Tom Cruise, you would respect the extreme amounts of dedication and research he puts in every movie.

Face it, Tom Cruise knows how to get it done.


Just "Collateral." "Collateral Damage" is a Schwarzenegger movie.

Maybe you didn't hear me. TOP GUN SUCKED!! Every good movie Tom Cruise was in, there was a better actor that outshined him.

Collateral - Jamie Foxx
The Last Samurai - Ken Watanabe
Jerry Maguire - Cuba Gooding Jr.
A Few Good Men - Jack Nicholson
Rain Man - Dustin Hoffman
Color of Money - Paul Newman
...and so on.


Outshone him.


Don't forget...

Top Gun - the F-14A Tomcat
MI 1 - Ving Rhames (and the fire truck)
Risky Business - pretty much any of the whores



EDIT: I just checked, you're right. Ok, outshone him.


But let's put shit aside and be honest - for a scientologist that was pretty cool.