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WWII Pictures


I spent over an hour this morning looking through these. It also always amazes me knowing the technology available the quality of the photos.




This one is an amazing capture.


Some things never change!


Very cool find, Deb. Much appreciated.


Thanks for the find, amazing pictures capturing moments in people's lives that we can only imagine


I'm not done looking through them yet, but figured I'd post a couple of my favorites so far.


This one's from Pearl Harbor, crazy to think (not all that long ago) these people were just blind sided one day.


The thing that always strikes me about WWII photography is the sense of scale and density you get from the photography. In more modern wartime photography, even as far back as Vietnam, you get a more sparse representation of field as warfare has evolved from "mass of bodies and machine" to "precision surgery" warfare.

In these photographs, you really get a sense of how BIG these events really were. Tens of thousands of humans and large hulking vessels over vast tracts of land.

You really get the enormity of it all.


Here's some of my Grandpa, not on the website obviously.






Those are great PB Andy!

Yes. It really is hard to imagine.