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wwf wrestlers

ok there was a previous statement about wrestler HHH (who’s obviously stacking mad juice) had synthol scabs (which, as a new bodybuilder, i assume is basically like fake tits.) anyways, if anyone knows the inside scoop, what wrestlers are juicing? i mean, im pretty sure that kurt angle is (even though he has denied it) and the rock says he’s not, but…oh and test has a nice set of gyno which gets me wondering. if you guys know anything let me know, just out of curiosity. thanks

Dave Meltzer has stated that they pretty much all use juice with the exception of Lance Storm

Kurt Angle has the look of someone using GH. His head and neck seem to have grown out of proportion. Whatever happened to Big Poppa Pump? I think nearly all wrestlers use steriods to some point. Some look like they use them “responsibly” and others are just insane. The Rock probably is gifted with great genetics and uses a little to stay in shape. Which one’s Test? The one with long blond hair, the big boobs,and the five o-clock shadow? Oh that’s all of them now.

Angle is an ex real wrestler. they are known for their huge necks. he has an add in an old MM2K for ostrich jerky or something. His neck is huge then and thats in 1997.

I remember big poppa pump. Rick and Scott Steiner. I dont remember who is who though. I do remember seeing big poppa one season being about 180. Then the next season I saw him and he looked like he gained 50lbs of muscle.
Also throughout the Nitro shows, besides the Nitro girls!, I noticed a lot of signs saying
“Big Poppa Pump = D-BOL!”
I miss WCW.

test is about 6’6, ectomorph, really muscular, but has the worst gyno of the wwf. he’s a foil (bad guy.)

This is unrelated, but whenever I hear the name Big Poppa Pump, I just think of the times that he called himself “The Big Bad Booty Daddy.”

Didn’t Vince get busted for selling steriod to his wrestlers? One year? And they had to clean up their act? What happend?

hey for all you freaks out there… big poppa pump will be back soon… he has a foot injury thats keepin him outta the wwf right now… just go to bootydaddy.com

Big Poppa Pump and his brother Rick are in a new wrestling org. WWA (World Wrestling Allstars) along with Bret Hart, Kronic,Jeff Jarrett, etc. They have had two pay per views so far with another to be in April I think. This org is owned by a movie producer and from what I understand Big Poppa Pump was promised a role in the new Terminator 3 if he signed with this org. I may be wrong about this, but just something I heard.

I just want to say everyone rips on the programming WCW used to air, but a year ago this month WCW went off the air, and WWF has gone completely downhill since then. Support WWA, not WWF!

I think Goldberg ruined wrestling. When i first started watching i could enjoy every match. Even the mexican wrestlers. Then Goldberg came and all the other matches seemed boring compared to his. Nobody could match him physically or athletically. He was and is the man. Wrestling will suck until he comes back.


all of them are ‘‘on’’’!!

Who cares if they use steroids or not? What difference does it make? id be willing to bet Carl Lewis, FloJo, Jackie Joyner Kersee, and all the other “clean” athletes have used at one time or another. Lets grow up.

I can’t let this post go by without inserting my 2 cents. Hogan left WWF, a bit after, wrestling died. Did Austin bring it back? No. Did Flair bring it back? No. What brought wrestling back to life was ECW. ECW lit a fire under Vince, plus supplied the big two with tons of wrestlers. To name a few: Steve Austin, Chris Benoit, Chris Jericho, Cactus Jack, Saturn, Guerrero, Malenko, etc. ECW did more for wrestling than anybody ever admits. And getting back to the original subject, nobody from ECW, Lance Storm included, did steroids, mainly becuase they coudln’t afford them. Vinne Mac used to use em, its painfully obvious HHH, the Rock and Test to name a few use them. But remember, as others here has mentioned, wrestlers are big monsters. Taz and Angle were amateur wrestlers, and as such, are thick as anything. Only genetic freaks have a good shot at getting into the WWF, look at Tough Enough on MTV, damn near everybody is jacked. WWF is the only real company, they only pick guys who are believable. If you think you can kick the heavyweight champion’s ass, you wouldn’t watch.

anyone who thinks hogan put the wwf on the map dosen’t know their wrestling history, the wwf was selling out madison square garden long before hogan, came along. as a matter of fact bruno sammartino and susperstar billy graham had more consceutive sellouts at msg than hogan. the wwf had a strong foothold in the northeast selling out among other venues msg, the philadelphia spectrum, and the boston garden on a monthly basis (thats 20,000 fans for a sellout in those places)and was doing well before hogan came along) mcmahon and hogan deserve credit for nationalizing the wwf, but the wwf was not some small time promotion before hogan…also the wwf had problems long before hogan left… the wwf had peaked in 1988, and business had steadily declined since then, particularly the house shows…hogan did not leave the wwf till 1993, and people had grown tired of his shtick long before then…hogan, being an asshole also refused to put any of the wrestlers over and help create new stars, which also significantly hurt the wwf…another thing hogan did was lying about his steroid use on arsenio hall was a major,major pr disaster hurting at the time what was the wwf’s “family image”,…also after the initial success of the nwo, the wcw lost massive amounts of money and folded, because people like hogan refused to help create new stars, and continued to hog the limelight… hogan deserves a lot of credit for the wwf’s run in the mid 80’s but he has taken much more from wrestling then he’s given, and in the long run has hurt wrestling more than he’s helped it…also the return of hogan to the wwf has not led to any increase in ratings or revenue, as the wwf’s has continued on the decline…bottom line is he should have retired 5 years ago.

I was watching the Three Stooges this morning and realized where WWF gets alot of the moves. Honestly, check it out. They were doing the same stuff.

What you people call wrestling (WCW,WWF) is nothing more than a homo-erotic display.

I think Hogan planned on retiring in the early 90,s when he thought he was going to have a movie career. Unfortunatly (for him) his movies sucked.