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WWE Personalities


Totally trivial thread.

Who in the WWE do you figure is best in various qualities?

Coming up with added categories is fine of course.

My picks are:


Most Bangable: Mickie James.
Most Skilled as Sports Entertainer: Mickie James
Probably Actually Most Capable of Kicking the Others' Asses: Beth Phoenix
Best Strength Athlete: Beth Phoenix
Most Athletic: too hard to call.
Most Likely to Wind Up a Crack Whore Stripper: Michelle McCool


Probably Actually Most Capable of Kicking the Others' Asses: Vladimir Kozlov. Also of note, the Undertaker.
Best Bodybuilder: John Cena, with Triple H also of note.
Best Strength Athlete: Mark Henry
Most Athletic: John Morrison, with R Truth also of note.
Best Aerialist: Jeff Hardy
Consistently Best Conditioned: hard to call between Randy Orton, John Morrison, and R Truth.
Most Overfat: Umaga, with The Pig Show also being of note.
Probably Actually Least Capable of Winning Were it Not for the Script: Evan Bourne
Lamest Recent Champions: the Colon brothers
Most Credible-Seeming Finishing Move: Sweet Chin Music
Stupidest Finishing Move: 619
Prettiest Though Useless Finishing Move: Starship Pain

Other nominations?


Dude, ten years ago I would have been all over this thread, but I haven't watched in a long time.

Just to a crack at a few of the categories from a historical perspective...


Most Bangable: Staci Keibler/Torri Wilson (also had a thing for Stephanie McMahon but there's a story to that)
Probably Actually Most Capable of Kicking the Others' Asses: Chyna


Most Bad Ass Entrance: Either Sting when he was haunting Hogan or Undertaker/Kane in their early years ... the American Bad Ass shit was horrible
Coolest Personality: The Rock, Mick Foley
Most Overfat: Rakishi Phatu
Probably Actually Least Capable of Winning Were it Not for the Script: Ric Flair


would like to add to the "Superstars" list

Baddest Motherfucker: Stone Cold


pics of said divas is necessary to make judgement calls.


Most Bangable: The Rock


A "natural" pic of Beth Phoenix


Mickie James vs Beth Phoenix




I keep hearing that the Undertaker is the toughest WWE star "in real life". I remember seeing a WWE documentary and the overwhelming consensus of wrestlers agreed on this.

What are people basing this on? I know he's a big guy and likes motorcycles, but is there any record of him brawling outside the ring?


Mickie vs the crack whore






Haha titty kick.

Mankind was the baddest ass ever, he was always getting put through something.






Dunno what other divas to post: requests?

On the Undertaker: Dunno. On different topics regarding him, he is an amazingly strong dude. I forget who the other two wrestlers were, but relatively recently he grabbed two that were definitely both over 200 lb with one-handed choke holds, and lifted both. Not with his legs.

Yeah, only a few inches. But how many can lift, from just below shoulder height, say 200 lb DB's in each hand, at all? Let alone in the awkward position of having the hands not that close to the body.

Also my ART practitioner says the Undertaker has a house fairly near here, and is known by the neighbors as a nice guy. One Halloween he dressed as himself for the kids coming to the door. That had to be an experience for them, particularly the ones that had no idea who lived at that house.


She looks like a hotter Rachel Ray. Much hotter, obviously, but the similarity is there/weird.


At the time I was watching "WWF", I thought the best looking diva was Stacy...


The Glamazon hoists Santino Marella (pretending to be his supposed twin sister Santina.)

I did NOT see this when it happened -- I don't see the pay-per-views -- just learned of it now while photo-searching.

I had seen Beth lift Santino fully to shoulder height and slam him, before. I was impressed by that.

As strong as I know she is, I'm amazed by the above. I'd put Santino at 200 lb or a little over.

She is, by the way, no giant: probably only 5'6" (her billed height is 5'7".)


You win every WWE thread on the internet.

Stone Cold is the baddest motherfucker to ever walk the planet Earth.