WWE Extreme Rules

Did anyone watch? What did you think?


I was there

I don’t care much for anything going on in wwe right now

Except for them trying to make kane a serious character again

In my opinion kane is all the wwe has now and its a shame they spotlight cena punk and all the other generic people

Zach ryder is useless

Brock lesnar is lame

They should’ve worked harder to get batista or lashley back instead of lesnar

All these new dudes who can’t lose really kill the shows too

Tensei ryback and clay are all on streaks in squash matches

That’s cool,if it was only of of them going at a time

Fuck mow titus oneal is streaking too

The writing is so bad in wwe,its pitiful they expect people to pay for ppv

In ring skills are pretty bad too

You would think that if writing sucks then matches would be hella athletic or vice versa

[quote]Ct. Rockula wrote:


Leave my man Cena alone.

Loved, LOVED it 10 years ago…now watching it is just painful.

Basically everything Ct. Rock said.

Personally, I don’t like that every wrestler that comes back from a long time off gets to beat up on Cena. Its old, especially considering that the Rock talked shit for a year and came back for wrestlemania with a match that wouldn’t have been an interesting match on Smackdown (which is dying and an almost pointless show at this point).

I’ll admit that Cena is my favorite wrestler right now, but honestly, who else is there w/ re to new guys? They took Orton off of the show and put him on smackdown. I guess there is Triple H, but he hasnt been doing much for the last few years after DX broke up.

I do like that they are bringing Kane back. Ditching the mask was a bad idea. They need to bring back attitude era. I would much rather see Jeff Hardy do some kind of crazy shit off of a ladder through a couple tables than people walking around calling themselves “superstars.” I liked when everyone was basically a biker and guys just fought every week. David Otunga looks so stupid holding that thermos or coffee cup or whatever the hell that thing is. Its just stupid.

Mankind used to do matches with barbed wire for the ropes, and where he would land on tacks, or get thrown off of the cage. They said they found one of his teeth in his nose after that match. Now they rarely even swear haha.

I have noticed that since Lesnar came back, at least Cena has been gettin all bloodied up.

Now I think Cena is going to take a break for hurting his arm?

I will go on record saying that this PPV was more entertaining than Wrestlemania.