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WWE Drug Testing


I read on ESPN that WWE will start testing their professional wrestlers for steroids and illicit drugs! Surely this is just a PR measure.


WWE Drug Testing will be as real as their wrestling.

BTW isn't Mr.Olympic drug tested? What a load of bullocks.



I took my son to a WWE event last night along with my brother-in-law and nephew. I was commenting to my brother-in-law about how "flat" and "smooth" the wrestlers looked. They were obviously not their normal "jacked and ripped" selves (so much in fact that HHH actually looked smaller than most of the guys at my old gym).

They seemed a little sluggish, and struggled on some of the lifting (bodyslams, etc) as well. I figured they were just on an off cycle, but it may be in preparation for the testing.

It's odd that I'd read this the next day, since it was that noticeable and I didn't realize that they were going to start testing.


I wonder if Vince Mcmahon is going to be tested too.

If they're doing this just as a PR stunt, I would think that they would have known how to cheat the tests and wouldn't realy come off.

Why can't people just do what they want with their bodies as long as it's not affecting anyone else in a negative way?


This is a gimick. Its been rumored for a few months they are trying to get Jose Canseco to appear at WrestleMania next year. This is just another step in the gimick.

I seriously think they are in the category of athletes that SHOULD be taking them. Their bodies take an amazing amount of punishment 4-5 days out of the week.

P.S. Dont start the nonsense that they are NOT athletes when anybody with an iota of common sense can see how "athletic" they are.


Actually from what I've read the testing procedures this time around is going to be different than the last.

Supposedly Vince has put the testing program into the responsibility of a third party who will be going straight to the public with any positives, as opposed to the previous program where the results went to Vince first who then decided to either suspend, fire or overlook about the offending grappler's positive.

It of course remains to be seen what will happen, I really doubt that a top-flight main-eventer would be suspended if a positive result came in a few weeks before a major PPV.

I thought it was ironic that they will also be testing for cardiac conditioning too, as this is one of the ways Vince used to beat up ole' Verne Gagne back in the day.

Whenever Verne would put on a show with Jerry Blackwell in the headliners, Vince would wait until the day of the show and call the State Athletic Commission, who would of course do a simple high-blood pressure test on Blackwell (which he could never pass), deem him unfit to work and thereby screw up the whole show.


seriously, I can't see anyone being suspended. If they are it will be for the reason of adding 'theatre' to the whole thing.


I totally agree. The last thing I want to see are clean wrestlers. I think it would be bad for their health.


And I want to see "jacked" baseball players that hit 70 homeruns a season....


The difference is that baseball is direct competition where performance enhancers give an unfair advantage. The WWE is scripted, where the outcomes are rigged.
I, personally, want the juice OUT of baseball, but see no reason to eliminate it from the WWE.


So who do you all think in the WWE is and isnt on steroids??