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WTH Is This For??


Let's see if I can explain in words what I see at the gym daily.

Some dude (a few of them do this really) starts on the chinup bars at a dead hang. Then he pumps his hips forward so now his legs are moving behind him, while still hanging (and his lower back is arched).

Then thrusting the hips backward, he causes his legs and feet to go forward again. The back becomes rounded.

He repeats this a few times until he is basically using himself to "swing" back and forth until his legs can become parallel to the ground in front of him.

He repeats quite a few times.

The movement is relatively fast and does not seem to be any kind of exercise that is discernable to be helpful (but I could be wrong). It seems to solely use momentum.

I don't think it's a warmup because it's a rather violent movement.

Any ideas on what this is for?


Other than maybe he thinks he'sworking his lower back(when he arches back),abs(lifts his legs forward),hips(lifts his legs forward),& gluteus maximus(pulls his legs bag)? which it might a little? But most likey the biggest thing if any worked, I guess would be his hands(holding on) & forearms(used in grip strenght exercises), maybe a little bit of his bicept(support his arms elbows from poppin out, like when you do deadlifts it gets used some), tricept(?), shoulder(stabalize your sockets frof poppin out), trap(?), and some upper back muscles(?).

Or maybe the guy is just sick of playgroud monkeybars and wants to do them in a gym. He could also be on trippin on acid, thinking he's a monkey. Or is meth a problem where your located at? because oput here we have methheads that do some of the most stupid shit you couldnt even think of?

Some thoughts,



Maybe he's doing really shitty hanging leg raises.


Could be stretching the spine out. Are they flexing at point the top of the forward and backward position? That could be a decent trunk exercise.

Hell, try it yourself and see. Of course, that might be why you see a few people doing this instead of one idiot.


I doubt it drugs as the laws of this country practically say (if not DO say...but I don't know) that even possession of drugs=death (shot).


Almost sounds like Crossfit's "Kipping Chin-ups"... but without the chin-up portion.


ASK HIM. He might have a specific reason for doing it.

It is not a bad way to stretch your spine.

Maybe he is not strong enough to do pullups, in which case this would be an OK movement to strengthen his grip etc.. from the swinging action.

Or maybe he is doing something completely wrong.


Can't ask him...still working on the language barrier thing...and no translators good enough (at the gym) to ask for me or for me to ask.