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WTH is It? Cals In vs. Out - Guidance Needed


Ok im no newbie to fat loss... I came down from 275 all the way to 195 over 3 years and now I just turned 30 and with fluctuations(marriage,life etc) I'm currently at 5'11..215lb at 25%bf .

I KNOW fat loss imo from experience is Diet, Lifting and Cardio- no debate there but since I cant loose weight like I used to at 25 but I seriously have the following questions regarding getting back down to 190-195 again.

  1. Why is every successful transformation I notice have the person low carbing it some point? Velocity diet, PSMF, South Beach diet..... is a transformation seriously about just controlling insulin and going low carb in the diet portion. I lost all my weight honestly by lowering calories and going cardio crazy.

  2. IF/Velocity diet/ Warrior/South Beach / Atkins -- looking at the structure and breakdown of these diets, some of them like the warrior diet end up with a daily consumption of 70g protein/130g carb/ 30g fat and this diet for some reason works best for me in my schedule but maybe its something I'm doing but hasn't worked well for me. I'd like some opinion from people that are either 25%BF or anyone that has been in my shoes and give some guidance?


the diet breakdown that you listed above is only roughly 1,070 calories... My breakfast shake is 1,100 calories lol.

no wonder that works for losing weight lol


ill give you the benefit of the doubt...

1) low carb is obviously effective for fat loss

2) are you seriously eating 1000 calories a day?

not to sound like a dick, but you really dont understand how to diet well. i went from 272 - 189 in about a year and yes i lost a fuck load of muscle bc i did it stupidly as well


1) Lots of diet programs have you do a low carb portion for much the same reasons:
- Increased rate of weight lose (especially when coming off the standard food guide pyramid)
- Increase insulin sensitivity
- Detoxing the body, most diets have you add in high fiber when cutting carbs
- Assures better adherence to the diet (With rapid initial weight lose and a better feeling of well being from improved insulin response you are more likely to stay on the diet.
- etc. I am sure I could think of more but you get the point.

2) As for two I don't understand the question but judging by your OP you should follow MODAK's advice and read the articles and threads on this site.