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The past two weeks have been incredibly shitty. I have the energy of comatosed zombie. I am getting tired just writing this message. I took a week off lifting to recoop., didn’t help. My diets fine. I really have no idea what this lack of energy and increased apathy is all about. I’m not depressed. I don’t know what the f*&k is going on. I’m pissed. I want to work out and have energy. SHHHIIITTTT!!! I could use any advice you guys have got to give. Thanks for your replies. -Watts-

see a doctor

It could be from the heat. Usually when it’s hot, the weather bogs me down. I would see a doctor though to make sure it’s not one of those nasty fatigue syndroms.

Are you getting enough sleep?,sick or stressed recently? Overtraining? Have you been dieting? Or just cycled off of an ECA stack? Sounds like your metabolism has slowed down. Take a week off, your body is sending you a message. If you still feel shitty THEN see a MD.

i feel ya man. i haven’t been on the forum hardly at all lately (i usually read it every night) and have dreaded going to the gym every day. when i get there i just want to finish my workout and get the hell out of there. i havent been stretching or doing a warmup like i usually do. i just get there and start lifting. i don’t know what it is. i have just got sort of sick of lifting. i think it might be because i am trying to bulk up and i am constantly eating and have to force myself to eat and eat and eat and eat and eat some more. it takes ALL enjoyment out of food and makes you feel like shit. ive also had some other things going on in my life that have been pissing me off so that could be part of the lack of motivation in the gym. well, let me know if you figure out wtf is going on. good luck - Nic

Nic-if you are sick of eating, try Fred Hatfield’s zig-zag diet so you don’t have to eat high calories every day

Nic…that’s rough, bro, and I feel for you because I know exactly where you’re coming from. For a while there, and still to a point, eating’s become more of a chore and less of the great time that I always looked forward to. I’ve also felt some extra pressure from the outside to get the job done in and out of the gym and have had my fair share of complications out of the gym. Consider taking some time off from the gym to refocus and give your body a break. I don’t know about you, but the thought of laying off just never floated my boat and think it caught up with me. I took my first week of active recovery last week after getting to a point that’s not much different than your’s and Watt’s. Also, consider dropping cals for a week or so to maintenance or even below maintenance, and then go back to big eating. A week of lower calorie eating may stimulate both you and your appetite to get your grub on…from a fellow SB with care:-)

Barring any major health problems, you’re probably overtraining or under-recovering. Taking a week off may be just what you need.

i’ve been off now a week and 2 days…still feeling shitty. hunger has dropped. eating has become sparatic.

Did you just get off a major weight loss? Are you taking any eca style stack. These products really can screw up your autonomic adrenal function leaving you feeling very flat. It usually takes me 3 weeks off an eca stack to feel totally back up to par.

Kind’ve sounds like depression to me. If possible try to get away for a couple of days, that always seems to do the trick for me. Experiment with power drive and high dose vitamin B-complex if you haven’t already.