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Umm, yeah, that's f*ed up.




It's such a shame that a few soldiers are willing to do crap like this and now some politicians are going to start pointing fingers, then the media is going to start pointing fingers, and then the whole public is going to start pointing fingers. They'll blame the government, the military, and United States in general. All it takes is a few a-holes and now the entire nation has to try and defend itself. Watch. That's how it's going to go down; perhaps a slight exaggeration, but think about the last instance of collegiate wrestler death and how THAT got blown out of proportions...


I wonder how many more terrorists such actions will breed?


But it's ok when they behead one of our soldiers on their TV stations. Where was the moral outrage then. A dozen of their eyes for each one of ours.


Two wrongs don't make a right.


What kind of logic is this? There was tons of moral outrage, I don't see how you could have missed it.

However, using your style of logic, aren't they supposed to be the barbarians?

Yes, I know it isn't the same, but the "entertainment" aspect of this probably isn't going to go over too well if the media catches it.


That is some horribly fucked up shit.


That happens in every war. A family heirloom of ours is a picture of a mass grave taken by one of my grand uncles at a concentration camp that they liberated. It's gory as hell, but a memento of what they were there to stop. There are also a few Nazi helmets with bulet holes and blood spatters throughout.
That picture in the blog though, probably would have been better off not publicized. That dude seems a little too happy presenting the carnage.


I would of taken a picture of my comrade wearing an ear necklace! Not of some lame... splattered arm on the wall.

This is a war.


He is happy. There was the same mentality in VietNam according to my dad. Some soldiers caugt up in that mind set would carry around torn off ear lobes as trophies. It wasn't everywhere, but it did happen. He said he was told he couldn't bring pictures of the carnage back with him and says he left some he had taken behind (mostly because he wanted to forget). That's war. It isn't pretty so it amazes me that so many seem to want it so badly without it being used as an absolute last option.


Well, yes, I can sympathize the "taking pictures" and using it to pump yourself up and saying this A-HOLE just tried to kill me f*him, I got him (or her) first! Boo-ya!

However, I am not so sure I can quite make that mental leap of thinking... "hmm, how about I trade/post these photos up on an amateur porn site so that I can access other porn!" That is a bit beyond me.

Now of course I realize 1) this site says "allegedly" so maybe this is all made up, who knows and 2) I am not in these soldiers' shoes, WTF am I to judge right?

You say this is war, understandable, but at what point do we stop excusing people merely because they were at war?

Think of it this way, if a father has a wife and 3 kids and they are flat out broke such that they need to steal for food or whatever and say he robs a grocery store for food and during that course of action, he kills a person... He stands at trail and says to the judge "I was poor and my kids were starving" and then asks the judge "have you ever been poor and watched your kids starve?"

Is the man excused for his action? A line has to be drawn somewhere, and maybe the law is not the best guide to that, but I am still baffled by this act, not the one of taking pictures but the one of posting these pics ONLINE in exchange for porn.


Its always a bit weird to realize that most people have never watched the discovery channel.

I mean, we've seen the stories of butchered villages, pilgrims getting scalped and defeated foes getting their penises cut off and their women raped.

Sometimes the question should be What The Fuck Did You Expect. (not directed at the poster)

As for dead bodies being desecrated, this is probably why we can't bring cameras in the anatomy lab. Hell, haven't seen a med student who hasn't played with his share of severed heads and tapped a friend on the shoulder with some skinless arm.

Hey, you get desensetized after seeing your first dead body, I can just imagine what it feels like when the body you see, which represents what you believe to be your nation's enemy and your personal enemy, is lying there lifeless and all busted up. I guess we can easily understand those guys' smiles.

If I had to choose between some tasteless rejoicing over my enemies' corpses or becoming psycologically damaged from these atrocities while on duty, I'd pick rejoicing and hope that when I get back, my insurrances are gonna pay for a good psychiatrist and a bucket load of happy pills.

Anyway,you'd think people all over the world would get over these things considering all those Vietnam movies we've been exposed.

Sorry for the purposeless rant,


Who cares. Honestly who gives a shit. OOOOO Noooo our troops are trading pictures of dead people for some porn. So what, good for them.

If only this was the worse that happened over there. If i was personally getting shot at, living in stress, saw decapitations and all i did was trade a photo of a dead body for some stress relieving porn, so that i could see some honnies back home with their pink panties dropped to their ancles, i would say i was alright.


As a Soldier, I agree it is completely wrong to post such photos. However, I also question the age/location of some of the pictures.

Some of the desert uniforms pictured have not been worn by US Troops since the Gulf War in 1991.


I think people all over the world are hoping that some day we can get "past" having to deal with these issues, not get "over" dealing with these issues.

Maybe that day will never come...


Definitely not in our lifetime.


Repolk is right. Some of those pictures appear to be from the 1991 Gulf War due to uniforms and weapons carried.

Posting pictures like this wrong, military folks using pictures like this for personal entertainment is wrong. Many times these photos, like the checkpoint shooting photos, are taken for evidence in investigations. They are not intended to be released. Obviously the photos with soldiers smiling are taken by personal cameras, and are difficult to control.

One of the oddities of the military is that we have to make our troops comfortable enough with death that they will use their weapons and engage the enemy, without making them into monsters committing violence on civilians, injured soldiers, or mutiliating the dead. Things like this happen, it is something every unit on every side a war has to deal with. You quickly build up a callousness to death the same as an emergency room doctor or nurse will. That callous attitude is taken too far by that same idiot 10% that you all have to deal with in the civilian world. That idiot 10% always exists and always has to be dealt with.

Usually these incidents are investigated and handled pretty swiftly. The military doesn't usually publicize punishments for offenses of the UCMJ unless they are handed down in court-marshall. It would be difficult for a civilian to find out if there was anything done at all. The US Military takes such incidents very seriously. It undermines our credibility and it has an effect on the way our soldiers are treated when they are captured. You can be reasonably assured that the individuals in those photos have been identified and punished appropriately.

Unfortunately, once pictures like that are on the internet, it is very difficult to get them removed, especially on a website run from outside the United States.

Semper Fi


Hmmm...dont see the big deal. I saw that crap when I was in...its just dead people.

Sorry I want to send soldiers to kill people and fuck shit up...if I wanted to do anything else I would send the peace core.

Their job is to kill let them do it and have fun doing it. Dont give them shit because it doesnt bother them. Hell them thinking about you sitting in your little 9-5 job probably sickens them worse then any of those pictures.


Well said.


Hell, I'm sickened by my 9-5 job...


Its hit the mainstream press...