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I just got off of the phone with the GNC where I usually buy my Biotest products. He informed me that he didn’t get any Androsol in because it had been discontinued. Someone please tell me this isn’t true! Did I miss reading this somewhere?

Old news. 4-AD-EC from Biotest is the same thing basically, only now you don’t have to spray it on. I think my results have been better with 4-AD-EC and it’s certainly easier to use.

wow. where has this guy been

I believe Androsol is still available
from many retailers, including Netrition.

I guess he doesnt live on this forum 24/7. HOW DARE HE :wink:

Actually, I like the Androsol better. You can feel the effects immediately, and they seem to be more “concentrated”. I guess the 4AD-EC version just spreads them out over time.

I guess he doesnt read the webzine either.

Yeah, yeah…fuck off. Actually, I spend quite a bit of time on here, which is why I’m surprised I missed it. But the GNC had it all along, so I guess I didn’t really pay attention. Oh well, thanks for the info guys…and I hope I can be forgiven for my ignorance.