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So this has been the worst 12 hours of my life since 2007 when my mother died and I crashed my motorcycle.

I broke up with my girlfriend today, due to my own stupidity and insecurity.

Then I went to the gym, where I ruptured my biceps tendon deadlifting. Guess we can kiss my hopes of winning, or even competing at, nationals in May goodbye.

Then to top it off I had to walk 5km in -20 holding my jacket shut with my good hand with no gloves or hat because my ride left his cell on the table rather than take it to bed and being friday night there are no cabs. I may now have frostbite on my good hand.

The worst part is that this really just tops off an awful few weeks. I'm really starting to hope that maybe tomorrow I look the wrong way and just don't see the bus.

Sorry for the rant.



Cry me a river.


Go fuck youself.


I don't know why the first person to respond frequently acts so hard-ass.

I hear you..that sounds like a shitty day.

I had a day like that once, where I'd also snapped my little toe and still had a lot of walking around the university campus to do...I fucking hated that day.


My flatmate's neice lost her baby and her husband was killed by an IED in Afghanistan, and the last time I checked she hasn't posted on an internet forum about killing herself (she'd probably have the balls to just do it). Grow a pair, you emo twat.


Yeah, sorry OP, I'm not getting why you're to be hated.




Probably because of "I'm really starting to hope that maybe tomorrow I look the wrong way and just don't see the bus.", I mean yeah he had a bad day after a few bad weeks but why is everyone so damn quick to pull the "I'm going to kill myself" card so damn quick?


Because the liberal media glorifies stupidity attention seekers...

Hard few weeks indeed, but adversity is the true test of strength so maybe you should attempt to pass this one?


It was just a rant people. Obviously the dude doesn't really want to die. He just wanted to get some shit off his chest. Blow of some steam perhaps. Pull the pin on the pressure release valve. It helps.

Stuart, is that the kismen you're at in your avi? Kind of looks like it.


If I wanted to kill myself I would have. Im way too stubborn to ever do that but dob't tell me you've never ocasionally thought you might like the peace if you looked left instead of right one day.

I wasn't aware that other people being in more pain somehow invalidated mine. Guess your flatmate shouldn't talk to anyone either since she wasn't raped and mutilated by a genocide squad who destroyed her village?

Yeah, thats Kinsmen.


It could be worse you could have had the genius idea of checking her facebook after the breakup. don't check her facebook.




This thread seems like it needs a little....




Will a truck do?


The reason people are giving him a hard time is because this isn't the type of stuff that you sit in a corner and cry over. Gf leaves him - happens on regular bases to everyone, weight lifting injury - on this site this should be pretty damn common, had to walk in cold weather - we've all done it.

Grow a pair and look for ways to benefit from this not sit around and sulk. Gf left you - more time to pick up hobbies hang out with old buddies, weight lifting injury - spend time on mobility and prehab so that shit doesn't happen again, walk in cold weather - don't rely on others for rides.


Sturat take a step back and look at yourself from someone elses perspective and you will see how lame you sound.


What i think people need to take into consideration is that they have more than likely felt this way at some point. Did they air it out on a message board. Probably not. But this guy did. Oh well, sure he won't make that mistake again. Although it probably did feel a little better to get it out. No one said you had to like it. Give the person a 'buck up, sport', and move on.

No one likes a whiner, but most everybody is a whiner.


Can people really not tell an offhand figure of speech from an actual threat?