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WTF? With My Muscles?

For the past 3 to 4 weeks something strange has been happening with my muscles - mainly my pecs, deltoids, lats and quads. Whenever I perform a motion which causes one of these muscles to lengthen they immediately contract, and my movement in haulted momentarily.

It looks really strange when my pec does it - you can see each of the muscles contract, it kinda looks like a wave of contractions. Has anyone ever had an experience like this? And if so, what did you do about it? What causes this?
Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

That sounds whack! Mineral deficiency?

[quote]Supraman wrote:
That sounds whack! Mineral deficiency?[/quote]

That’s what I figured, but damnit, I take a multivitamin!

[quote]markdp wrote:
Supraman wrote:
That sounds whack! Mineral deficiency?

That’s what I figured, but damnit, I take a multivitamin![/quote]

My feet are cold…“but I am wearing mittens”?

seriously though, check the mineral content of your multi-pill that you are taking. Has your training changed significantly? Think back to see if anything has changed…stress, training, diet, weather…

Your typical multivitamin often sucks. Practically every product I’ve seen has had like all the needed vitamins and often minerals too, but in too small amounts. That 100% DV amount just isn’t enough.

Like for vitamin C, it’s often like 60mg, when you should be popping at least 100-200mg (personally 300-500mg, and there’s really no upper limit (read Pubmed).

Same goes of course for minerals like zinc and magnesium which are responsible for those cramps and stuff. Do you take ZMA (zinc (like 30mg), magnesium (>300mg) & B6?)

Do you get ticks (involuntary contractions) in other muscles sometimes too? If so that would indicate a magnesium deficiency. I got that once and it was very weird. Supplements fixed it almost immediately though. Most vitamin pills lack magnesium.

Something to think about.