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WTF To Buy The Wife For Crimbo?

As above-

I’m fresh out of ideas this year!

Think we’ve hit a stage where we’ve bought everything! We’ve been on a minimising spree for about a year as we realised we’d got too much stuff (often like 3 of the same thing).

Literally out of ideas!

A splurge dinner at the highest rated restaurant within a 90 min drive. Though, if you’re not near a major metro or a resort town, that might not be getting you much.

If you don’t want more “things” whatever it is should be experiential. Massage, spa, food, wine, classes etc.


“Crimbo” is literally the dumbest word and concept I’ve ever heard about.


Get her a nice bong and some good weed.


Well being as I don’t believe in “Christ” it’s pretty fitting!

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Then don’t participate.

It’s not like I have a giant tannenbaum in my house, either.

Shut up. Dont participate in Christmas my arse!

Go and have some humbugs! Its a festival of enjoyment and family time. Who cares if you believe in GOD and Jesus etc.

Go and troll someone else’s thread you absolute imbecile!

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I think without knowing much about you or your wife, that @Californiagrown gave you some good advice. Experience is better for my wife and I than gifts. I will say at least get her something with the dinner, but make the dinner or other date the main thing.

Many non believers participate in some sort of Christmas. I don’t even really think that most Christians really make the holiday religious anyways. My parents are very Christian, and the only religious part of our celebration is dinner prayer. I will say @roadie was a bit too reactive to your post.

I think you should get your wife some anger management classes for yourself.


To be fair his first response was about “Crimbo being the stupidest thing he’s heard etc”.

I gave a fairly diplomatic response given that.

Then he continued with “then dont participate”.

Not exactly bringing any positivity or usefulness to the discussion. So I told him to do one.


Perhaps a copy of 5/3/1 Forever?


She’ll love it.


If you guys want to sling insults at least make them interesting. In the word of Shakespeare “Thou damned and luxurious mountain goat”


scented candles

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Nah. OP explained the reason why he calls it what he calls it, after being flamed right off the bat, then was told not to participate. He told him to shove it. Sounds about right to me. Total dick move to tell someone not to participate in whatever holiday they choose to celebrate.

@roadie - have you tried something unconventional, like taking her to a shooting range, taking her ziplining, getting a package of ballroom dancing lessons?


Yeah I’ve gone down this route- Im just deciding what experience to order her. Covid isn’t making it easy!

Shes got candles chocolates and fluffy slippers etc as stocking fillers.

If you know what stores she shops at, sweaters are always good, by which I mean they’re hard to screw up. But it should come from a place she likes. Or it’s easy to screw it up.


It’s a pop collar kind of word. Pretty silly.

And mildly disrespectful.

What ya gettin the old lady for Rambo? (You know, secular Ramadan.)

I think a nice framed picture of Mohammed would be cool. Maybe one of those with the bomb hat.


I think you are confused. Calling anything Rambo can only be a compliment.

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You should definitely do that, then.

I know some Taliban guys who will be super excited to talk with you.