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WTF Pose


Good god.


im confused. what was he trying to do?




More importantly, why put it on Youtube? Unless it was a friend pulling a prank, in which case it was a good one!

I do love Youtube though, it's a goldmine of absolutely hideously embarassing and cringeworthy video gems.


It was like a horrible how-to instructional dance video.


its just a guy practicing his posing routine

at least the guy is serious and is looking to improve. cant really say anything negative about that.


why does this guy strike me as the kind with great genetics


kinda fruity.. but hey, good luck to him...


umm is he posing in a parking garage?


sorry for hijackin' but:


you see this type of stuff a lot at the small amateur shows lol


^^^lol! I don't know, personally when I hear a song I try to visualize the posing that goes along with it. I just can't see anything for Flo Rida's "Low". Personally, the beat doesn't work. More power to him.


"YouTube You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy"


Gotta agree, Live.


Reminds me of the local show I went to where a guy posed to Madonna's "Like a Prayer". He sang and bounced along with the song during the entire routine. The guy was in terrible shape, too. He was closer to 20% body fat than he was to anything close to single digits.


I like what you did there.